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The Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre's Laser Technology Laboratory was built to conduct research using ultrashort pulse from Ti-doped sapphire lasers and laser amplifiers. The devices were invented in the early 1980s since then these sources of high power short duration laser pulses have been applied for fundamental research in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. The short and powerful laser pulses are particularly useful for studying of compounds with very short fluorescence lifetimes. This type of laser pulses give rise to non-linear optical phenomenon in the samples under investigation which in their turn allow to optimize the sample imaging, and give access to new contrast mechanisms for microscopy imaging. Disciplines from life sciences, to chemistry, to physics, to engineering make use of this lab to achieve their research goals.

Laser Systems and Techniques

Laboratory Contact



Phone Number:

(306) 966-1709

Laboratory Managers:

George Belev
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Safety Information

Before coming into the lab, all users must sign the laser safety form. Please have this form with you when you arrive at the SSSC. All users wishing to recieve training in the laser lab must attend the DHSE laser safety course. The DHSE course is also necessary if a user wishes to be present while a Class 4 laser is in use.

Training Information

For information regarding usage and training of the instruments in this lab, please contact the laboratory manager.

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