Pre-Conference Workshops

We are pleased to announce the following nine preconference workshops. Click here for a .pdf version of the schedule.
Half Day:  Morning (9:00 am to Noon)
"Exhilarated Learning: Intersections of teaching and learning theory and practice – Who has right of way?" - Billy Strean, University of Alberta – $60
"Pedagogical Considerations For Development of Professional Skill Programs for Graduate Students:  Navigating Uncharted Terrain" - Mark Dale, University of Northern British Columbia; Christopher Knapper, Queen's University; Richard Cassidy and John Thompson, University of Saskatchewan – $60
"Creating an Inclusive Educational Environment for Aboriginal Students" - Gary Hunt and Kathy Mitchell, Thompson Rivers University – (Workshop will occur at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, transportation will leave the U of S at 8:30 am) - $60
"Creating Your Newest Community Service-Learning Experience: Half-day Option" - Geri Briggs, Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning; Phaedra Hitchings and Robin Bendig, University of Saskatchewan; Lorie Hadley and Jane Trakalo, Algonquin College – $60  (FULL DAY OPTION OF CSL WORKSHOP CANCELLED)
Full Day:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
"Just in Time Course Design" - Heather Hurren, UBC-Okanagan - $100
Half Day:  Afternoon (1:30 pm to 4:30 pm)
"Reconstructing Constructivism in Higher Education: Getting the Epistemology Right" - Michael Potter and Pierre Boulos, University of Windsor - $60
"Learning By Being: An Introduction to Mindfulness Practice" - Trish Dowling, University of Saskatchewan – $60
"Using the art of scenario thinking to explore how trust can help us prepare for the future" - Kim West and Candace Bloomquist, University of Saskatchewan – $60
"Institutional Change: Painting a New Academic Landscape for the 21st Century" - Deborah Kiceniuk, Dalhousie University – $60