STLHE 2011 Theme

From Here to the Horizon: Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Higher Education


“From here to the horizon” is an interestingly deceptive notion, for as one approaches the horizon, it continues to stretch ever further away. It is the future.

In Saskatchewan, “from here to the horizon” marks a great distance. Between vast plains and open skies you will find remarkable regional, geographical, and biological diversity, and perhaps most diverse, the people and cultures.

The main theme of this conference is to explore how the horizons of our understandings of diversity are actually changing as we investigate the future of teaching and learning in higher education. What are we doing to honour our appreciation of multiple perspectives, and what is happening at the intersections of teaching and learning theory and practice? How have teaching and learning become richer through diversity?

The work beckons us— how do we put into practice the challenges and benefits of our diverse populations, but also, how do we make connections and find fields of convergence that help us educate global citizens? How do our educational institutions make a philosophical shift to one that humbly acknowledges that "other ways of knowing" in fact enrich, challenge, and strengthen scholarship for all members of our learning communities?

On the horizon of teaching and learning in higher education, one sees tremendous opportunity. Depending on the direction you face, that horizon includes experiential learning, teaching with technology, innovative program and course design, creative assessment and teaching practices, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and, of particular interest, creating an inclusive educational environment that embraces diversity.

Conference attendees are encouraged to submit proposals that focus on insightful and innovative policies, programs, and practices that recognize, benefit from, value, and honour the diversity of students, faculty, instructors, staff and administrators.


Main Theme:

  • Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Higher Education



  • Creative Practices: Teaching, Assessment, and Evaluation

  • Experiential Learning and the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

  • Institutional Leadership of Teaching and Learning

  • Program Level Outcomes and Quality

  • Innovation with Technology

  • Scholarly Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

  • Transformational Curricular Design

  • Communities of Practice, Learning Communities



  • Innovative Practice Track

  • Organizational Change Track

  • Research Track