Presenter's Guide: Round Tables

Roundtables are an Roundtable from STLHE 2010 in Torontoexceptional opportunity for ideas or questions to be discussed be a small group of conference participants.  The  roundtable session (to be held on Thursday, June 16 from 12 noon to 12:50 pm) will allow for each presenter (group of presenters) to lead a conversation about their proposed topic in a seminar/discussion format.  The conference organizers will provide each roundtable session with a square (made up of moveable desks and chairs)  that wil accommodate up to 15-20 participants.

For anyone who is unfamiliar presenting in a roundtable format, the expectation amongst the other conference delegates will be that you will frame the question/issue/topic, as you have presented in your abstract, and then lead (whether in an open or structured/facilitated manner) a discussion on that topic.  Roundtables are great opportunities to get help, feedback, or direction on your topic from colleagues across Canada and around the world.  You should not be expecting to use a significant amount of your time 'presenting information' in a roundtable.