General Information

THE STRUCTURIST is an international art journal, founded in 1960 at the University of Saskatchewan by Eli Bornstein. Incorporating the root word structure, THE STRUCTURIST is concerned with the building processes of creation in Art, Architecture, and Nature. It focuses upon ideas in architecture and the arts including painting, sculpture, design, photography, music and literature their histories and relationships to each other, as well as to science, technology, and Nature. One ongoing interest has been abstract constructive art, its origins, and the future development of media incorporating structure and color in space. Varied themes concentrate upon contemporary cultural problems and interdisciplinary subjects neglected by other art periodicals. THE STRUCTURIST has been increasingly concerned with the relationship between art and ecology how art and architecture can participate in preserving and protecting our threatened ecosphere.

THE STRUCTURIST began and continued as an annual until 1972 when it changed to publishing biennially as double issues. Its distribution has extended to over 30 countries and includes in its standing subscribers many of the finest museums and university libraries in the world. It has been of particular value as a reference for research, scholarly, and creative work. Numerous books, articles, and theses have utilized or reprinted material originally published by THE STRUCTURIST.