Although publication of THE STRUCTURIST has ended with issue No. 49/50 for 2009/2010, the many themes, questions and problems relating to the future of art and architecture that we have initiated and published remain ongoing and in need of attention, some to an extent greater than ever before. Continued critical study, creative research, and exploration by future generations will be required as our world becomes increasingly more complex and difficult.

In an attempt to encourage such continuity, THE STRUCTURIST Trust Fund has been established at the University of Saskatchewan, where THE STRUCTURIST Archive as well as that of its founder/editor will be housed. The fund will be used to provide a small number of international graduate-level scholarships or fellowships for scholarly research and creative work relating to the variety of subjects and themes that have appeared in THE STRUCTURIST and to the history of the journal itself. These have included the relationships between the arts and architecture and their relationships to Nature, history, philosophy, science, technology, and to other vital concerns.

With our final issue, a fundraising campaign has been launched to invite donations to increase the existing amount of THE STRUCTURIST Trust Fund to a sustainable size. Additional funds are now required to increase the capital to provide sufficient interest capable of offering several annual or biennial grants to qualified international applicants. The intent is to continue significant exploration and creativity concerning the future of the arts and architecture and that grants from the Trust Fund will result in useful publications, exhibitions, films, videos, and other projects.

This is an appeal for your support. A charitable donation receipt will be available for all Canadian donations of $25 or more. For international donors, a choice of available back issues will be given in lieu of a tax receipt for donations of $150 or more.

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