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Martin Memorial Lectures



"Nurturing Authentic Adolescent Faith"


Dr. Marv Penner

Dr. Marv Penner

Our guest lecturer is Dr. Marv Penner. Marv has incredible passion for youth and is a sought after speaker in North America. In is timely for us, as a church and seminary, to come to grips with the reality of our youth in the 21st century. Study after study has demonstrated that many of our youth leave the church after they graduate from high school. Marv will speak to us about "Nurturing Authentic Adolescent Faith".

Unfortunately, the prognosis is not pleasant! We simply can’t pretend any longer.  The harsh truth is that we are losing young people from our faith communities in droves. Researchers in the UK, the US and Canada are all coming to the same conclusion.  Unless we become very intentional about engaging young people in a meaningful faith journey they will continue to disappear. With many of our congregations graying to the point of extinction it’s time to rethink things. 

A primary spiritual responsibility of each generation throughout history has been to pass a meaningful faith on to the generation that follows. This lecture series will explore some practical ways that we can do just that.  We will uncover some of the specific reasons that young people are opting out of faith based on the latest Canadian research and discover what can be done to re-engage a generation.  The solutions are not simple – this is a challenge that will require the very best we can bring – but the dividends our investment will pay are eternal.

We are surrounded by young people with a deep thirst for spiritual truth, a profound commitment to fixing their broken world, and a sincere desire for the involvement of spiritually mature mentors and guides in their lives.  Do we have a will to do what is necessary to ensure that their faith will be deeply grounded in truth and authentically experienced in the rich community of the church? 

Marv was Professor of Christian Ministry at Briercrest College & Seminary from 1988-2009. Currently he is National Director for Youth Specialties Canada; National Director-YouthWorks! Canada; Executive Director-All About Youth, Canada and The National Centre for Excellence in Youth Ministry; Associate Staff Member-Centre for Parent/Youth Understanding.

He has written a number of books relating to youth and youth ministry including "Building and Mobilizing Team", "Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut", "Help My Kids Are Hurting".

This year's lectures were held October 30th, 31st and November 1st, 2012 and were very well attended.

Thanks to the generosity of those who established the Bishop Henry David Martin Memorial Trust, this lecture series is a free event.