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Diploma in Anglican Studies

This diploma program was created to provide an orientation in Anglican thought and life for those wishing to understand Anglicanism who have already received considerable theological or pastoral training in another denomination. Admission is by special status only, normally for individuals being considered by a bishop for ordination on the basis of their previous training and education. Parts of the program are available by distance. Most students undertaking this program attend the college for one year of residence, and complete the final reading and written work over the next three to six months. This also ensures that students will have practical encounters with Anglican worship and life.


  • 1. Theology I: Introduction.
  • 2. One course in Anglican theology.
  • 3. Liturgical and Sacramental Theology.
  • 4. Evidence of familiarity with critical reading of Scripture. This may be fulfilled by:
    • both parts of Hebrew Scripture
    • both parts of Early Christian Scripture
    • providing the faculty with course outlines and transcripts from prior studies which include adequate work in this area
  • 5. Church History I and II.
  • 6. Final Examination Essay
    • read the standard Anglican reading list (to be provided). This list will include texts from all disciplines, recommended by the College Faculty. It will ensure that students have a good general knowledge of all aspects of Anglicanism.
    • compose an essay (18-22 pages in length) identifying significant characteristics of Anglicanism. Students may wish to compare and contrast Anglicanism with another Christian tradition.