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Apply to study at LTS


Please click here to read about Applying for Study at LTS. This document discusses:

A. General Information:

  1. Application fees
  2. Assessment of Documents and Qualifications in a Foreign Language
  3. Language Proficiency Requirement
  4. Recognized Unergraduate Degree Programs
  5. Transferring from other Theological Schools
  6. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

B. Information for International Students:

  • Application process for International Students
  • Visas and Permits for Study in Canada
  • Tuition Policy for International Students
  • Language Proficiency Requirement
  • Available English Language Programs in Saskatoon
  • Foreign Grade and Degree Equivalencies
  • Transfer Credit from an ATS Accredited Institution in the United States
  • Accommodations
  • Health and Dental Care Insurance Coverage for International Students
  • Other Resources for International Students


Not all people take the same path to seminary studies. Thus, LTS has developed a PLAR process for those who do not have completed university undergraduate degrees. If you are over 31 years of age and interested in studying at LTS, but do not have a Bachelor’s degree from a university, there are alternatives. To explore whether you qualify for the PLAR process, and for more information about this alternative, please look at the file on this website entitled Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Policies and Procedure.Then, if you qualify for this process, fill in the PLAR application form; please do this before you fill in the application form for the degree program for which you would like to apply, to see if you are eligible.



The purpose of the LTS Challenge Scholarships Programme is to ensure that high-quality candidates for church leadership, in paid or unpaid, formal or informal positions, are able to receive thorough training with minimal concern for finances. Awards will reflect these priorities. To learn more about the Challenge Scholarship, click here. To apply for the scholarship, click here.

Apply online for a Program

Application forms for all LTS programs are now online (see application links below).

Please note that some programs will require additional materials from the applicant, over and above that which the applicant submits via the online application form. These additional materials, such as transcript and references are listed on the application form and must be mailed separately to the Seminary.

Please note: LTS will begin processing your application once the 'application fee' has been paid.


Doctoral Program

  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
    Click here.
    Program Application Fee: $75


Graduate Progams

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
    Click here
    Program Application Fee: $75
  • Master of Sacred Theology (STM)
    Click here
    Program Application Fee: $75
  • Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
    click here

    Program Application Fee: $75


Certificate Programs

  • Lutheran Formation Certificate, or Diaconal Ministry Certificate

    Click here.
    Program Application Fee: $75


Occasional Students (no specific program)

  • Occasional student
    Click here.
    Program Application Fee:$ 25

    Students may take classes for credit or for audit.

    As an occasional student, you may take up to six degree-courses for credit (or unlimited non-credit courses) before registering for a degree program.


Rostered Ministers' Continuing Education

  • Clergy interested in continuing education
    click here.
    Program Application Fee: $25


Notice to International Students:
please click here for more information on submitting application fees.


After you apply and submit your application fee, your application will be examined by the registrar and the academic dean.

If you are accepted, the registrar will create an account for you in Populi (our online Student Information/Registration platform). Each student will be asked to create a user name and password for Populi. Once you have a working Populi account, you can sign up for courses online yourself.