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Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit or demonstrated proficiency. Financial need is not a criterion.

Augustana Scholarship

Excellence in Systematics. Based on highest aggregate in two required Systematics classes: SL210, SL211; Awarded to graduating student at Bacchalaureate service (May). Endowed.

(Erwin) Buck/(John) Kleiner/(Roger) Uitti Scholarship

Academic excellence and an interest in pursuing graduate work and professional teaching ministry. Awarded to graduating student at Bacchalaureate service (May). Endowed.

Dr. Karl Holfield Scholarship

Excellence in preaching. Awarded to graduating student at Bacchalaureate service (May). Endowed.

Ethyl & Paul Hordern Scholarship

Academic excellence and personal maturity in a student pursuing graduate studies (STM program) at LTS. Endowed.

Joseph Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Aptitude in counselling. Endowed.

Dr. Martin & Irma Leeseberg Scholarship

Aptitude and sincere interest in Old Testament Studies, as demonstrated through a high academic average (but not necessarily highest marks) in the required OT classes and electives; if nobody meets this criteria, then the graduating student with the highest average in the required OT classes. Endowed.

Luther Bobblehead Award

Highest average in Lutheran Confessions course. Annually funded. Value: $250 (plus name engraved on bobblehead statue)

Rev. John G. Lokken Scholarship

Excellence in exposition of the Lutheran understanding of law and gospel from the pulpit, based on demonstrated excellence in preaching and good marks in the required Homeletics class. Awarded in October of graduating year. Endowed.

Ruccius Memorial Scholarship

General ability and promise for ministry. Endowed. (may be divided among multiple recipients)

Lorraine Sommers Grislis Traveling Scholarship

To an MDiv graduate of LTS who has excelled in academic work, shown creative interest in women’s studies and exhibited religious seriousness (regardless of denomination). The award is given for the purpose of further study at the fully accredited institution or in an accredited professional program other than at LTS. Types of study may include Masters, PhD or Doctorate in Ministry programs, or chaplaincy preparation. Endowed. Value: Approx. $4500. Application form

Rev. Arnold Tiefenbach Scholarship

Awarded on the basis Pastoral Integration paper, on their Internship Mission Project, their mission class requirement and their Globalization Ethics grade.

Ray Yauk Memorial Scholarship

Criteria under review. The following process will be used to determine the recipient. Candidates shall,

  1. Submit a proposal for study relating to the above-stated objective. (This could include self directed study, volunteering with social services agencies, a study tour, interviews with marginalized persons etc.)
  2. Demonstrate an interest in this area of study/ministry and a sensitivity to the poor
  3. View the video Look Again (in library)
  4. Read Ray Yauk’s book Wonder and Surprise: Stories from the Street (1995) (in library)


The primary criterion for bursaries is financial need. Only students who have applied for Student Aid are eligible to receive bursaries. Some awards feature additional criteria. To qualify for bursaries and other student aid, students must be in good academic standing.

Jane Auman Bursary

BC Synod student who is commited to remaining a full-time student at LTS for duration of academic program. Winner will be announced on Reformation Sunday at Redeemer Lutheran Church (Vancouver). Annually funded.

Alva Bogner Bursary

Financial need. Endowed.

Canadian Armed Forces Bursary

Student with connection to Armed Forces. Endowed.

Margret (Lembke) Cardwell Bursary

LTS student on the ordination track to Lutheran ministry or enrolled in the Diaconal Minstry program. Recipient must be committed to completing his/her course of study at LTS. Recipient shall demonstrate a sincere desire to participate in Christian ministry work in his/her native country. Endowed.

Rev. Robert Ek Bursary

Criteria to be determined. Endowed.

Faith Lutheran Church (Burnaby) Bursary

Awarded to a rostered-ministry-track student from BC if there is one; if there are none, then to any other LTS rostered-ministry-track student. Endowed.

Joyce and Herb Freeman Bursary

BC Synod student who is commited to remaining a full-time student at LTS for duration of academic program. Winner will be announced on Reformation Sunday at Redeemer Lutheran Church (Vancouver). Annually funded.

Eleanor L. Gillstrom Bursary

Lutheran woman choosing a church-related vocation. Endowed.

Shirley Gislason Bursary

A woman LTS student (or any LTS student); well-rounded, committed to ministry. Endowed.

Goos Memorial Bursary

Well-rounded candidates for parish ministry; balance and maturity as potential pastors. Endowed. (May be divided among multiple recipients)

Bishop Allan and Janice Grundahl Bursary

Financial need. Endowed.

Pastor Cezar Heine / Holy Cross Inuvik Bursary

Student with great spiritual maturity as seen in his/her personal life and in his/her understanding of their call to ministry. Ideally, this person is also preparing for and expecting to serve in specialized ministry (ordained, diaconal, lay professional), esp. among Native (First Nations or Inuit) Canadians, and/or is a Native (First Nations or Inuit) Canadian or a person from a Northern isolated community. Endowed.

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church (Edmonton) Bursaries (3)

Financial need. Students from this congregation are given first preference. Renewable (first year, ongoing years, graduating year). Annually funded. Value: $1000 each.

Hosanna Lutheran Church at Luther Place Bursary

Financial need. Endowed.

Rev. Conrad & Sophie Knoch Bursary

Married student. Endowed.

David Kroeger Memorial Bursary

LTS or pre-sem. student. Good potential for ministry but not necessarily top academically. Endowed.

Phillip and Anne Kurtz - Trinity Lutheran Bursary

Financial need. Preference (in desc. order): Member of Trinity Lutheran (Regina), or SK Synod student, or other Western synod student. Endowed.

Nachtigall Bursary

ELCIC student with strength in pastoral or spiritual care. Endowed.

Fred & Frieda Oswald Bursary

Lutheran student studying Parish Ministry with a sincere interest in Homiletics. (Student should have already taken the course.) Endowed.

Hertha Pfeifer Bursary for Pastoral Care

  1. The student must be of exemplary character, with a quiet, gentle disposition and show qualities of kindness, sensitivity, compassion and caring towards others
  2. The award recipient must be a full time student at LTS for the duration of his/her academic program
  3. The student must demonstrate a desire to pursue chaplaincy or pastoral care within the ELCIC, with preference given to those students emphasizing grief/crisis counselling


Rev. William Riekert Bursary

Financial need. Endowed.

Rosenquist Memorial Bursary

Hardworking student entering parish ministry, preferably in rural Canadian parishes. May be divided among multiple recipients. Endowed.

Albert Schell Bursary

Training for ministry and German-speaking or studying German. Endowed.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Winnipeg) Bursary

Member of that congregation, or bilingual (German-English) student having an interest in German ministry, or an MNO synod student. Endowed.

Harold Tetzlaff Bursaries in memory of Peace Lutheran Church (Almeda) (3)

Students must be on the ordained track to Lutheran ministry and be committed to completing his/her studies at LTS (if the student does not complete the degree at LTS, repayment of bursary funds may be required). Recipients shall demonstrate a sincere desire to be a minster of the Gospel. Renewable. Endowed. Value: approx. $2000 (1st), $2000 (2nd), $1500 (grad).

Vinge Memorial Bursary

Financial aid. Endowed.