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Why Give?

We invite you to take a look around our website! Come visit us! Or, better yet, talk to your pastor.

If that does not make clear the need, here are a few of the many reasons to give:

Because our mission depends on it.

Only about 25% of our costs are covered by synodical grants. Another 14% is given by the province. Tuition covers about the same amount, about 14%. Our dorm services, together bring in more than the four synodical grants , offering 27%.

To cover the remaining cost of our programming, we depend almost entirely upon the kindness and generosity of our donors. We have been blessed with a supportive base that understands the immediacy of this need, and gives faithfully and generously. But the need is always greater, and the challenge to provide the best in programming is an expensive one.

Because our mission furnishes your church.

The Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon has been equipping the leadership of the church in Canada and abroad for nearly a century. Our graduates have gone on to serve in multiple capacities in the ELCIC and other denominations, as well as spreading the Word in the world through missions and relief.

Because our programing enriches and deepens the scope of the ELCIC.

Along with a strong Master of Divinity program, LTS offers a variety of degrees and certificates, welcoming students of other denominations and from other countries.

Through the ecumenical learning context, students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Lutheran, while learning to be tolerant and gracious about differences.

LTS is unique in the importance it places upon a cross-cultural, globalized understanding of the Lutheran Church and our faith.

Because we are called by Christ to be stewards of his church.

Part of this call to stewardship is a responsibility to maintain, and make propogate the church of God, which will inturn spread the good news. We cannot fulfill this mission without a constant flow of new pastors into the ELCIC. LTS was originally developed to fill this need, for the four western synods of the ELCIC. Therefore, we are partners in the future of this church.

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