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Happy Birthday George!

On 30 March 2011, the Rev. Dr. George Evenson, formerly Professor of Church History and President of Luther Theological Seminary (predecessor of Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon) turns 100.  We join in celebrating his life and pray God to continue to bless him with health and joy!

Dr. Evenson was elected president of Luther Theological Seminary in 1959 and served in that capacity until the merger with Lutheran College and Seminary in 1965 that formed Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon.  His history of the Lutheran church in Canada, Adventuring for Christ: The Story of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada was published in 1974 and remains a standard reference for the teaching of Church History at our seminaries today. 

Gifted with a strong memory, former students still marvel that Dr. Evenson not only remembers them but also the names of their spouses and children!  Dr. Evenson’s sharp mind and passion for Christ’s Gospel enabled him even to deliver a short, but powerful witness to the gospel at the 2010 Convention of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories banquet. 

In 1965, when he stepped down as President of Luther Seminary, Dr. Evenson travelled to Madagascar with his late wife, Marguerite, who had grown up there as a missionary child.  He took advantage of the trip to award an honorary doctorate to the then-President of the Malagasy Lutheran Church and to teach a short course at the Lutheran seminary in Fianarantsoa.  The title of Dr. Evenson’s book might well describe his life: “Adventuring for Christ!” 

Thank you, Dr. Evenson, and may God bless you on your 100th Birthday!

Here is a PDF of the biography of Evenson written by Colleen McGinnis for the Alberta Synod's Spring 2010 Celebrations magazine. Colleen also took the photos of Dr. Evenson with Kevin Ogilvie, last summer at the ABT Synod convention in Camrose.