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Tuition & Fees

Tuition 2014-15

BTh/MDiv/MTS/Certificate Programs


Credit: $675 per course

Audit: $350 per course* (with approval of instructor)

*spouses of LTS students may audit on-campus courses for free (with the approval of the instructor)

Colloquia: $225 per colloquium


Cross-Cultural Lab Fee: $60 per credit hour for first 57 credit hours

Pastoral Residency fee (formerly Internship): $1500 total over the full pastoral residency


Tuition: $925 per three credit course

Continuation Fee (per semester when not taking classes): $500


Tuition: $1025 per three credit course

Distance learning surcharge

for on-line students: $125 per course

Other Fees

Test Out

for Bth/MDiv/MTS/Certificate Programs

Basic Fee: $250 per course

Academic credit earned: $425 per course

Language Equivalency Assessment

Basic Fee: $250

Student Program Fees

Required for all Seminary Students: $30 per credit hour

Theological Student Union Fees

Student Body Fee for all Seminary Students: $5.50 per credit hour

Graduation Fees

Graduation Fee: $100

Affiliation Fee for ELCIC students at other schools:

Annual fee: $500

Application Fees

Degree/Certificate Programs (including STM & DMin): $75

Visiting or Occasional Student: $25

Transfer Course Assessment Fees

Ccourses presented for approval from other schools: $35 per course

ELCIC Diaconal Ministry Program Course Evaluation

Assessment for academic equivalency, non-credit: $35 per course


Students should budget $1000 - $1500 per semester for textbooks.

Additional expenses could include a parking permit and U of S graduate student fees (optional).