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greetings from Acting President Michael


All are welcome.

The hymn writer, Marty Haugen, invites us to boldly declare that in God's house "All are welcome" (ELW #641). At Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon, we sing this refrain boldly because we believe it to be true not only of the Church but also of us who teach and study at the Seminary.

To study at Lutheran Theological Seminary means meeting people from many places from around the world. It is a place that welcomes interaction and cooperation with students and faculty of other denominations particularly those institutions that constitute the Saskatoon Theological Union.

All are welcome to worship at Lutheran Theological Seminary. Faculty, staff and students gather in the chapel and around the altar to worship the God who generously gives God's self in Jesus the Christ. In the chapel the Word is read and boldly proclaimed. At the Lord's Table all are welcome to share those precious gifts of bread and wine, His body and blood.

Lutheran Theological Seminary is a place people are encouraged to delve into the riches of the scriptures. Where all are invited to experience a profound connection to the church of all ages through the study of church history and systematic theology. At Lutheran Theological Seminary the invitation is extended to all to reflect on the meaning and significance of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ for our world.

Theological education at LTS is not simply the garnering of knowledge about a number of theological disciplines. Theological education is about being open to the leading of the Spirit of God. As a community of the Spirit, Lutheran Theological Seminary pursues a deeper understanding of God's mission in the world. Theology knowledge is not about a dead past but an invitation to live into God's promised future.

At Lutheran Theological Seminary, students are encouraged to discern God's call to ministry. This call may be to the ordained ministry, or it may be a call to a number of other possible ministries in the Church.

Lutheran Theological Seminary is a community: a community of believers who come from a variety of ethnic, social, and racial backgrounds. A community where people of faith gather to explore the will of God for their lives. All are welcome to join in this exciting adventure. You are welcome.

Michael J. Nel

Acting President