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Course Offerings 2018-2019


Course Offerings (Summer, FAll and Winter)


Distance Learning at LTS

Many LTS courses are offered in 'distance' format where students can either

  • log into a class, on-line, to live-stream the course at scheduled times. This syncrhonous format typically applies to intensive courses that are held over a one to two week time period.
  • log into the BlackBoard Learn platfrom to take a course on one's own time schedule. This asynchornous format applies to some semester-long courses.

Distance classes require fast and stable internet.

Synchronous classes use both the internet (for live-streaming) and telephone (for audio).

Students must:

  • be officially registered as a student at the Seminary
  • enroll in classes via the Seminary's student management platform called Populi
  • have a solid grasp of written and spoken English
  • have acces to libraries and/or onl-line sources to obtain pre-course and in-course reading materials
  • have the equipment and technology required for distance learning.

Please click here for more information on distance learning.