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Course Offerings 2016-17

Course Offerings (Fall and Winter): Summary(pdf)

  • LTS MDiv, BTh, MTS and Diaconal
  • DMin
  • For occasional students
  • Study Tour - onsite in Germany (Fall 2016

Course Offerings (FAll and Winter) - Descriptive (pdf)

  • Onsite Intensives (MDiv): On-site intensives are taught at the seminary in Saskatoon (or, occasionally, in another location outside Saskatoon) and require students to be present in the same room as the professor for the duration of the course. Intensive classes are one or two weeks in length, with the expectation that final assignments will be completed in the weeks immediately following the class.
  • Blended Intensives: Blended intensives offer two options: students may take it in the classroom with the professor (normally, at the Seminary in Saskatoon) or they may join the group via live streaming from another location (e.g., their home) using a webcam and telephone.
  • Semester - Online: These classes take place online, with little or no requirement that students be on the internet at the same time as the professor. Students can complete all or most of the work on their own schedule each week at their convenience.
  • Onsite Intensives (Internship/Continuing Ed): Rostered ministers are welcome to take these classes (excluding Capstone) for continuing education alongside the Internship students.
  • Onsite Intensives (DMin): The DMin program is for clergy who are interested in engaging their communities more effectively with community groups and institutions. Other clergy are invited to take these classes even when not formally enrolled in the program.

Course Offerings (Spring and Summer 2017)

School Year Dates:

  • ABT Students at CTEL September 23 no class (last day of BL231 Pentateuch class)
  • Thanksgiving Day: October 10, 2016 (in the midst of BL224 Psalms course)
  • Rememberance Day: November 11, 2016 (will shorten BL228 Course by one day)
  • Ash Wednesday: March 1, 2017 (during PL215 Homiletics/PL115 Liturgy Course)
  • Easter: April 16, 2017 (just before BL286 Gospel of John)




MDiv BTh: The MDiv program is the standard program which prepares a candidate for Ordination. The BTh program is designed to prepare candidates for Ordination who are over thirty-five years of age and who do not have a first university degree. Requirements are similar for both programs; BTh students are not required to have a Biblical language.

DMin: The DMin program is for clergy who are interested in engaging their communities more effectively, bringing their gifts into stronger partnership with community groups and institutions.

MTS: The MTS program is designed for students wishing to study theology for reasons other than ordination, including preparing for church vocations that do not involve ordination to Word and Sacrament ministry.

The Lutheran Formation Certificate: The Lutheran Formation Certificate program is a program designed to integrate completed MDiv study at seminaries not endorsed by the ELCIC with intensive reflection on Lutheran perspectives in theological and pastoral studies.

The Diaconal Certificate: The Diaconal Certificate Program is a program that prepares a candidate for diaconal ministries in the ELCIC.

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