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Cross-Cultural Program


The LTS curriculum addresses issues of equipping pastors and leaders for service in contemporary Canadian contexts of ministry. It grounds the classic scriptural and theological training with integrative and contextual courses and critical immersion experiences. A substantial component of the first year of formation is the cross-cultural “laboratory” and ethics course. This experience initiates students into the overall curriculum patterns of reflection and practice in an educational process that locates Christ’s mission on both local and global horizons.

After a semester of coursework in globalization theory and Lutheran ethics, students journey to another country, where they view up-close the church in the world. Our curriculum for a globalized world challenges ministry candidates to re-examine assumptions about the contemporary meanings of Christian mission and about their responsibilities as leaders in congregations within a developed, influential nation. Travelling to pray and study with other “branches” of the Body of Christ gives the students fresh eyes with which to consider mission in their own multicultural, globally-engaged Canadian branch of the Body.


The cross-cultural/immersion practicum is the field component of the required introductory ethics course SL/PL 155 Globalization/Ethics, which is offered during the first year. Students will have the opportunity to be immersed in a context other than their own where they engage in theological reflection, social analysis, worship and fellowship with the church and people of the country.

The context of the immersion experience each year provides the case studies and cultural material for the course, which in turn serves to prepare students for the trip. Students will be accompanied by faculty who facilitate reflection with the students and seminary community. This immersion “lab” is integral to the strengthening of the LTS curriculum for the BTh/MDiv degree programs.