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Saskatoon Theological Union and Horizon College & Seminary Library Director

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Position Description

The Saskatoon Theological Union (STU) Libraries is comprised of four independent theological college libraries: those of the Lutheran Theological Seminary (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada), College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Anglican), St. Andrew's College (United Church of Canada), and Horizon College and Seminary (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada).

The colleges collaborate in various programmatic and other ways to offer theological training at the basic degree level (MDiv, BTh, MTS) and the advanced degree level (STM, DMin).

The Library Director works for all four colleges to assist them in achieving their respective and shared missions through the enhancement and coordination of library resources and staff.

All libraries are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; the collection of the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad is housed at St. Andrew's College.


  1. Must hold an MLIS degree from an ALA-accredited school; in addition, an MDiv, MTS or BTh degree (or equivalent) is preferred.
  2. Experience in strategic planning and policy development is extremely desirable, as is supervisory experience in a library setting.
  3. Background in theological librarianship and familiarity with accreditation processes in higher education are desirable.
  4. Must be comfortable working in faith-based institutions.

Primary Responsibilities

(a) Provide strong and effective leadership in planning, developing, managing, and evaluating the services and resources of the Saskatoon Theological Union (Lutheran Theological Seminary, College of Emmanuel & St. Chad, St. Andrew's College) and Horizon College and Seminary (HCS) libraries (collectively, the "Library").

(b) Supervise the resources of the Library and interpret to the Library's clientele the Library's potential for supporting the various aspects of theological programs.

(c) Develop and recommend policies for approval by the STU and HCS Library Committee in the areas of acquisitions and library development, including developing and implementing policies related to staffing and physical plant.

(d) Administer such policies and provide such services as will foster the most extensive and meaningful use of the Library by the immediate STU and HCS community and by the broader academic and ecclesiastical communities.

(e) Administer all aspects of planning, budgeting and reporting, human resource management, and circulation under the overall direction of the College Heads (or their designate[s]).

Supervision and Reporting

The Library Director supervises Library Technicians at Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Andrew's College and Horizon College and Seminary. The Library Director reports to the Principal of St. Andrew's College: the "Supervisor"), while bearing responsibility for all three library locations and all four collections.

The Library Director is appointed as Adjunct Faculty of St. Andrew's College, Adjunct Faculty of Lutheran Theological Seminary, and Faculty of Horizon College and Seminary. The Library Director works with the STU Library Committee, composed of faculty from each college, whose members act as liaisons between the Library Director and the colleges, and which may be convened by the Library Director for consultation and advice.

Specific Duties and Expectations

Planning and Collection Management

(a) Preparing a detailed collection development and management policy and plan of all of the disciplines/areas and formats of material (print, electronic, multi-media, etc.) which will be agreed upon by all the colleges.

(b) Co-ordinating collection management including selection, gift evaluation, weeding, and mending and preparation for bindery, including assessing strengths and weaknesses of the collection and taking appropriate steps to maintain or procure resources which enhance the Library's distinctive character and services.

(c) Recommending to the Boards of the STU colleges and HCS -- through the Heads -- a formal agreement for ownership and disposition of library resources to be used in the event of the closure of one or more of the participating colleges, and developing a plan and procedure for implementation.

(d) Upon formal agreement with the Council of the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (ESC) (as in [c], above), developing and implementing a plan to facilitate ease of access to the ESC holdings within the St. Andrew's collection space.

(e) Working co-operatively with the Library staff, assistants, volunteers, and with faculty throughout the STU and HCS as appropriate to plan, implement and evaluate policies and procedures necessary for effective library service. (f) Communicating policies and procedures to staff and user groups.

(g) Resolving problems or situations that may arise outside of normal Library policy guidelines.

(h) Collecting and analyzing usage data; assessing effectiveness of all areas of the Library's operation.

Human Resources Management

(a) Managing and supervising staff including scheduling, training, and mentoring.

(b) Recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluation of staff and volunteer assistants according to established policies and procedures.

(c) Consulting with the College Heads or their designate(s) on revisions to job descriptions and applications or revisions to salary guidelines.

(d) Developing a plan for specialization among the library staff in order to facilitate the development of a coordinated Library system.

(e) Encouraging staff to work in a collaborative manner and facilitate an overall environment of cooperation and assist staff in the resolution of conflicts/problems.

Financial Oversight & Reporting

(a) Preparing the proposed annual budget of each library in consultation with the College Heads and working with the Heads or their designate(s) to develop an integrated budget.

(b) Overseeing the expenditure of funds appropriated for the Library and when necessary initiating application for supplementary funds and ensure that the Library budget is not over encumbered.

(c) Monitoring the acquisition budget to ensure effective utilization and allocation to serials and monographs within policy guidelines.

(d) Preparing an annual report on the activities of each library within the Library and prepare other reports as required, including for accreditation purposes.

Library Services

(a) Managing the efficient circulation of materials including the development of the reserve collection and the maintenance of the stacks.

(b) Scheduling, evaluating and reorganizing workflow when necessary.

(c) Supervising effective inter-library loan services.

(d) Acting as the reference resource person for the Library and handling difficult queries referred by staff

(e) Supervising both traditional and electronic reference services offered in person, by telephone, mail, or electronic means.

(f) Working with the University of Saskatchewan Library to ensure access to STU and HCS collections through the University of Saskatchewan Library website, including developing and maintaining relationships with St Thomas More College Library and the University of Saskatchewan Libraries.

(g) Keeping current on automated electronic information technology, the equipment required to use it, and its place in service to the user.

(h) Ensuring the original cataloguing of all materials for which cataloguing data is not available through CIP (Cataloguing in Publication), Internet sources or other bibliographic resources.

(i) Projecting a public image of pleasant and efficient service in an environment conducive to study and research.

(j) Answering questions, interpret policies and procedures, and handle complaints when necessary.

(k) Developing and co-ordinating the planning, preparation and presentation of user education sessions to students.

(l) Lending professional technical expertise to all aspects of the Library's operations, as needed.

Curriculum Support and Development

(a) Attending all St. Andrew's College Academic Committee meetings, LTS Curricular Review meetings, HCS Faculty Planning meetings, Graduate Studies Council and STU meetings, and other staff/faculty meetings as required and negotiated with the colleges.

(b) Consulting with faculty during course development, curriculum review/assessment, and degree program development.

(c) Preparing materials for use in course/discipline-specific library orientations, both for in-person and online groups.

Communication and Liaison

(a) Maintaining regular contact with North American theological school librarians as appropriate through associations, conferences, workshops, etc. and attendance at ATLA conferences.

(b) Maintaining familiarity with library issues in a university setting, STU and HCS programs and research needs, as well as specific faculty and student needs.

(c) Negotiating library relationships with other institutions, within parameters outlined by one or more of the colleges.

(d) Representing the Library on local, provincial and national levels.

Salary and Term

This is a two-year term position, with possibility of renewal, at 0.75 FTE (28 hours per week), from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016. The salary range for 2014-2015 is $45,461-49,675 (0.75 of FTE $60,615-66,233).


The Library Director is expected to travel between the three library locations in Saskatoon, and spend approximately the same number of hours in each location over the course of each month.