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This week of classes, 3 - 7 June 2013, is designed as an adult education program to make courses available to lay members of the church. Professors from the Seminary will lecture and lead discussion in their fields of specialty.

Four courses will be offered in 2013; participants may take one morning class and one afternoon one.



Food, Faith and Community

Professor Cam Harder

Food is key to life. So God's people have a long history of connecting faith and food. We will look at some of the biblical stories and church traditions in which food has served to convey God and to strengthen communities. We will also examine its less positive uses. Food has been used to wage war, to line the pockets of the rich at the expense of the poor, to control and oppress. In the last century, those who have inhabited or settled this land have been deeply affected by changes in the way we gather, produce, design, distribute and consume food. We will open up conversation about ways in which food might regain some of its community and faith-building character in light of the Christian tradition.

The Mural of Jesus: A Study of the Gospel Narratives that Surround the Christian Community

Rev. Dr. Sid Haugen (from Luther College)

The early church made—to moderns at least—a surprising decision. Rather than providing the faith community with a single, unambiguous, "just the facts" history of Jesus, the church decided to surround the faith community with a "mural" of four profound yet contrasting stories of Jesus. We will explore this endlessly engaging "mural" of the narratives of Jesus. The four gospels will be presented in broad outline, with the class discussing a selection of the Jesus tradition that emerged from this gospel mural in past centuries and that is appearing in the present day.


Sources of Baptismal Rites into the Body of Christ

Professor Jann Boyd

Whatever moved the Church to practice ritual bathing as a way of initiating newcomers into the assembly of the faithful around the table of Christ? In this class we will splash around in the early texts and sources of Christian practice, diving into them and surfacing with our finds. We will look at art and hymnody and rites with an eye to how to enact the gift of baptism in a lively, curious, 21st century North American assembly.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Professor Kristine Ruffatto

Who lived at Qumran and what is their story? Why is the discovery of this Jewish community's library, hidden in caves, so significant for biblical studies? In this course we will explore the Dead Sea Scrolls, the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. The scrolls have transformed how we understand the Bible, early Christianity, and Judaism at the time of Christ.


To register, please fill out the form or contact our Registrar at 306.966.7856

Available Packages

A. Residential

Two classes + all meals (including banquet) + single room in LTS residence - $700

B. Academic

Two classes + lunches (Mon–Thurs) - $400

C. Just a Taste

One class + lunches (Mon–Thurs) - $250

Banquet (for non-residential students & guests): $35

Early bird discount (until 15 May): $100 off Packages A&B; $50 off Package C

*ask about rates for double occupancy rooms

Registration Deadline

May 27, 2013