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Servant Hero Event

Pastors, diaconal ministers, and lay leaders: bring your confirmation classes, youth groups, and others in your congregation who may be called to service in the church!

  • become inspired by the stories of those who have responded toGod's call to ministry
  • hear the rewards of serving the church
  • learn about possible vocations
  • be entertained by talented musicians
  • participate in a "100th Anniversary of LTS" celebration luncheon


Please RSVP by the appointed date to Joe Stolee, the Seminary's Director of Development, at 403.478.9684 or . Your advance reservation will help us ensure there is enough food for everyone but not a lot going to waste.

Events Listing

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cost to attend?

No. The Seminary received a generous donation to sponsor the event.

2. What is the purpose of this event?

The event has several purposes:

  • to inspire a new generation to consider following God's call to ministry
  • to explore a range of church-related vocations
  • to raise awareness of LTS, its community, and its programs
  • to connect pastors and potential students of all ages with President Ogilvie and other Seminary personnel
  • to celebrate the Seminary's 100th Anniversary
  • to have fun!!!

3. What ages of people may I (a pastor) bring from my congregation?

While LTS would like to get university students and confirmation-age kids to start thinking about someday coming to Seminary, people of all ages are called by God: everyone is welcome.

4. Is there any limit to the number of people who can come from one congregation?

No, there is no limit. Please RSVP ahead of time though so we know you're coming!