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Anderson chosen

A St. Andrew’s College student is one of only four students to be named to a pair of task forces that are part of the University of Saskatchewan’s TransformUS process, an overarching review of the university.

Mitchell Anderson was selected as a member of the support service transformation task force that — along with a separate task force on academic programs — will rank the university’s academic and administrative support programs with a an eye to possible budget changes.

More than 225 individuals from all walks of university life had their names put forward as part of the nomination process.

According to the university: “The Academic Program Task Force will set criteria and review all academic programs offered through the university. The Support Service Transformation Task Force will set criteria and review the administrative support programs both within the academic units and administrative units. Task force members are required to adopt an institution-wide perspective, including overcoming personal, departmental and college/unit level considerations.”

The task forces will complete a report with recommendations for university president Ilene Busch-Vishniac and university provost Brett Fairbairn by Nov. 30.

Programs and activities in will be grouped in categories such as: maintain with enhanced resources; maintain with existing resources; maintain with reduced resources; transform with either increased or reduced resources; or eliminate, merge or close.

One the task forces' reports are complete, decisions will be made by Busch-Vishniac in collaboration with the university’s governing bodies to either invest resources, make no changes, or eliminate or reduce programs or activities that rank as having lower priority according to criteria established by the task forces.

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