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College Memories

St. Andrew's College alumni who attended the college's 100th anniversary celebration were asked about their favourites memories and experiences from their years at St. Andrew's. Current and former students and faculty of all generations shared stories on how the college shaped their lives and ministry. New videos will be uploaded on a regular basis.


Austin Fennell shares his unique family connection to St. Andrew's College
and talks about the college's vibrant student life during the 1950s.

Jordan Cantwell shares how an invitation to share in the St. Andrew's
Collegecommunity at a time when she was still exploring her path
to ministry led her to enroll in the college.

Professor of Hebrew Scriptures Christine Mitchell talks about the unique
nature of the student community at today's St. Andrew's College.

Jackie Kirk shares the story of a successful practical joke played on
the dean of residence, and why St. Andrew's continues to have a
special place in her heart.

Terry Shillington talks about how his years at the college during the
mid-1960s shaped his life, ministry and passion for social justice
and served as a backdrop for meeting the woman who became his wife.

Cole Grambo shares a story on how St. Andrew's College inspired
the creation of a rock band and how playing music turned into credit
toward one of his fourth-year classes.

Leigh Sinclair shares how her time at St. Andrew's College -- including
the experience of watching Survivor with others while living in residence --
opened her eyes to new perspectives.

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