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Video Tells Story

There’s a whole new approach to telling the story of St. Andrew’s College.

A video that captures the college’s spirit, sense of the community and commitment to justice-driven education for Christian leadership is one of the ways in which St. Andrew’s is sharing its story with prospective students, the United Church community and those who support the college.

“The video seeks to serve as an invitation to those who may be considering theological education and to share with everyone something of life at St. Andrew’s these days,” said principal Lorne Calvert.

“Most of the filming for the video was done during our orientation week early in September and so it focuses on the group of our students who are on campus this term.”

The video produced by Tara Yolan Productions of Saskatoon saw hours' worth of video shot by a three-person crew during the course of several days. Yolan then edited the interviews and images into a fast-moving, four-minute presentation.

In addition to filming the student gatherings, chapel service and other activities that took place during orientation, several students and faculty members took part in interviews to share their thoughts about the St. Andrew’s community of learning, faith and fellowship.

“I knew that St. Andrew’s would be the place that I would want to go if ministry was the path for me,” student Mitchell Anderson says in the video. “I really knew this was the place for me.”

“To be here,” adds student Doug Neufeld, “on campus, in the community, in the culture is really exciting.”

The production touches on the contributions of the college’s faculty and their role and commitment in delivering a theological education rooted in social justice and delivered with a Prairie perspective.

“We are so not about dogma,” says Prof. Nettie Wiebe. “We are so about Christian leadership and practice in a world that seeks — that cries — for justice.”

It also highlights the way in which the college, through the generous assistance of its many supporters, is working to make students’ goals of a career in ministry a reality through financial support, including a tuition-paid residency experience as students participate in practical ministry.

“Students come out of here ready to go,” notes Prof. Don Schweitzer. “They have a confidence in who they are, what they have learned and their ability to do ministry.”

The video helps to put on a face on the college community — students, faculty and staff — and serves an accessible and easily approachable way to introduce prospective students to what St. Andrew’s has to offer. It will also used by principal Lorne Calvert for presentations to United Church congregations and other supporters as a way to invite them to share in the spirit of St. Andrew’s. Copies on DVD will be available those who may want a copy for congregational or community use.

The video may be viewed on the St. Andrew’s YouTube channel and on the college's Facebook page. Still photos from the video shoot may be viewed on the St. Andrew's College Flickr page. We invite you to watch the video and share it with your friends, fellow church members and those interested in the how St. Andrew’s is continuing its long tradition as The United Church of Canada’s centre for theological education and ordination in the Prairie region.

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