St. Andrew’s College wants to establish a permanent collection of New Curriculum materials. The New Curriculum is an important part of the United Church’s history and we are seeking to have three copies of every book, teacher’s guide, pamphlet or poster that was part of the New Curriculum.

Below is a list of all items from the United Church New Curriculum. The number to the right of the item indicates how many copies of that item are needed for the St. Andrew’s College Library. If you have the books or materials that the list indicates we need and wish to donate them to our collection, please contact Alison Jantz at or 306-966-8983.

Last updated May, 2017.

United Church New Curriculum

Olive D. Sparling, "United Church of Canada Board of Christian Education, 1925–1971" (1979–1980) [Finding Aid #160, United Church Archives; history of Christian education and a finding aid for New Curriculum]

Core Curriculum Index: A Reference Guide for United Church of Canada Congregations (2 copies required)

Year 1

United Church of Canada, Board of Christian Education, The Call: The Church calling every adult to a deepening of their personal Christian faith and life, 19--.
Peter Gordon White, The Mystery of the Rock, 1964. Teaching aid for children ages 9-11 3
John B. Corston, Panorama of the Bible, 1967. Adult basic book, 4 1
John B. Corston, Norman McNairn.Panorama of the Bible: study guide, 1967. Adult basic book, 4. 1
Fritz Schmidt, Man Alive, 1968. Adult basic book, 5 3
Morley G. Clarke, Session Plans for 'Man alive,' 1968 3
Ivan Cumming, Choice in Change, 1969. Adult basic book, 6 3
George G. Connolly, Intermediate Teacher's Guide, 1967 2

Year 2 Theme: Jesus and the Christian Life

Kingsley Joblin, The Senior Teacher's Guide, 1965. Grades 10 and up. 1
Norman McNairn, Jesus Christ and the Christian Life: study guide, 1965. Adult basic book. 1

Year 3 Theme: The Church and the World

J. Arthur Boorman, The Senior Teacher's Guide, 1966. Grades 10 and up, related to Project: World. 2
The Family Teacher (1969-1970) 2
The Twentieth General Council Goes on Record (45 RPM Disk) 2
Who is Jesus poster (w/ 4 images of Jesus) part of the Adult Study/Action Kit –Who is Jesus? 1