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Our Alumni/ae

Our alumni/ae is made up of all of those who have earned a degree or diploma from St. Andrew's College. Today, members of the St. Andrew's alumni/ae live and serve in congregational ministry, chaplaincies, church courts, community organizations, educational organizations and public service across Canada. Many of our retired alumni/ae continue to use their gifts in service to the church and community.

The St. Andrew's alumni/ae has becoming more active in recent years with the leadership of Tim Ellis (M.Div 2009) and Linda Tomlinson-Seebach (M.Div. 2006). If you have ideas for the alumni/ae please contact Tim at tim.lmuc@sasktel.net or Linda at lindatomlinson@sasktel.net.

In recognition of the college's 100th anniversary our alumni/ae have taken on the project of creating an Alumni/ae Gallery within the college to again display the alumni/ae photos from 1916 to the late 1980s. To fund the project alumni/ae members are being asked to contribute in the neighbourhood of $25.00 to create the gallery. Thanks to those who have already contributed and those wishing to do so may send a gift directly to the college marked "Alumni/ae Gallery".

Download recent editions of the St. Andrew's College alumni/ae newsletter in PDF format.

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