Jennifer Janzen-Ball is director of the Designated Lay Ministry Program

Jennifer Janzen-Ball is the Director of the Designated Lay Ministry Program at St. Andrew's College.

She holds a BA in Psychology (University of Saskatchewan), an MDiv(Honours) (St. Andrew’s College) and a PhD in Christian social ethics (St. Michael's University, University of Toronto, Toronto School of Theology). Jennifer's doctoral work focused on exploring the common good in a pluralist and globalized world, using a case study on the use of genetically modified organisms in farming communities in Saskatchewan and in India.

Jennifer was ordained in The United Church of Canada and has served pastoral charges in rural New Brunswick and downtown Toronto. She has also worked as national staff for the United Church as continuing education program co-ordinator and as the racial justice training program co-ordinator. She has taught ethics and religious studies courses at Queen's School of Religion (Kingston) and Emmanuel College (U of T).

Jennifer grew up in Alberta and Saskatchewan and moved back to Saskatoon in 2014.