The purpose of the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree is to establish a theological foundation for life or work in society or in the church and it also provides a basis for further theological study. This degree involves the equivalent of two full years of study.

Courses must be chosen in the areas of: Biblical Studies, Theology, Ethics/Church in Society, Church History, and Pastoral Care. There are other requirements in the life of the college that must also be fulfilled eg. orientation, chapel leadership, and various workshops. Besides the usual areas of study, specializations are available in 1. spiritual care, and 2. acculturation for ministers from one of the United Church’s international partner churches.

The normal admission requirement is an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

You might benefit from this program if:

  • You wish to achieve certification as a specialist in spiritual care with the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education, but lack a theological masters degree;
  • You are currently serving in a spiritual care capacity, but do not have access to a theological program;
  • You wish to expedite your completion of both your CPE units and your academic work toward the specialist designation;
  • You want a theological program that will integrate your academic and your pastoral/practice education.

신학 석사 과정 (MTS) 관련 한국말로 입학 정보를 보시려면 다음 링크를 참조하십시오.