Application Non-refundable $75.00
Program Per Academic Year $50.00
Full Tuition 10 (3 credit courses) $6,750.00
1 (3 credit course) $675.00
1 (1.5 credit course) $337.50
Audit 1 (3 credit courses) $337.50
Program-Based Credit Requirement* (One-time fee) $675.00
STM Level Course 300G and 400 Level (3 credit) $950.00
STM Audit Course 1 (3 credit course) $475.00
Graduation $50.00
Transcript $10.50
Populi Fee $8.50/month

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program Fees

Application Non-refundable $75.00
Program annually for first three years $1,000.00
Tuition 1 (3 credit) course $1,050.00
Colloquium 1 (1 credit) colloquium $350.00
1 (2 credit) colloquium $700.00

$500 per semester or $1,000 per year
(maximum extension of 2 years)

Graduation $100.00
Populi Fee $8.50/month

Designated Lay Ministry (DLM) Program Fees

Application Non-refundable $75.00
Tuition per Learning Circle $1,200.00
Tuition Complementary course at St. Andrew's $675.00
Graduation $50.00
Populi Fee $8.50/month
All fees are subject to change and should be checked with the registrar.

Registration for the term is not considered complete until all fees have been paid. A student may not register for any further classes until all course and activity fees for the previous semester have been paid nor will degrees and transcripts be released.

*Program Based Requirements Fee – PA 100 MTS or PA 100 MDiv – is assessed once a MDiv or MTS program student registers for their first course. This fee is equivalent to a 3 credit course and covers mandatory aspects of the program like: faculty advising, entry colloquium, welcome week, language workshop, boundaries workshop, core group.