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An Affordable Education

St. Andrew's - Faith & Support

We know you are strong in faith, but for many students finances can be a stumbling block when considering the ministry. St. Andrew's wants to help through the offer of a full year’s paid tuition for full-time students in the Master of Divinity program. And, bursaries and tuition assistance, plus the opportunity for earned income during residency, is our way of helping all students answer their financial questions.

Preparation for the vocation of ministry and earning a post-secondary degree is expensive and St. Andrew’s offers significant financial support to students through non-competitive bursaries and tuition relief.

The college provides full academic tuition paid by friends of the college for 30 credit hours – one full year of study – for full-time students enrolled in the M.Div. program. In addition, the residency tuition will be fully rebated for M.Div. students. Students are also provided a book allowance and have access to a series of bursaries and financial supports through the college and wider church.

Many of our course requirements may also be met through online and distance study. Students enrolled in the M.Div. Residency Program will have the opportunity of earned income and benefits during the residency and while completing their degree.

For more information download our Student Financial Assistance Brochure (pdf).