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Funding Your Education

St. Andrew's - Funding your Education

Answering the call to the ministry and a post-secondary education requires not only a commitment to learning, study and prayer but also careful financial planning.  Every post-graduate degree is expensive and the Master of Divinity required for ordination is no exception.  St. Andrew’s College is aware that preparing for ordained ministry has become financially challenging for many current and potential candidates, and to assist in meeting the financial requirements of theological education at St. Andrew’s the college has established a Student Financial Assistance program with five pillars of support.

One Full Year of Academic Courses Tuition Paid

  • Available to M.Div. program students in their first and second year enrolled in a minimum of three courses per semester;
  • Available for on-campus or at-distance courses;
  • May be split over two years of study.

Residency Tuition Fully Rebated

  • M.Div. students accepted into their year three and four residency placement will have their residency tuition fully rebated.

St. Andrew's - Book Bursary

Financial Aid Information
For more information on all of the financial aid, including a book bursary, financial aid pool, and various scholarships and bursaries, please see our Financial Aid Information package. Information is also available by contacting the registrar's office by email or 306-966-5244.

Government Student Loans
Government student loans are interest free while you are undertaking your studies and can help to finance your education. More information on eligibility, applying and receiving student loans is available by download.

Income Tax
Students may claim the following as tax credits on their income tax return:

  • Fees exceeding $100
  • An education credit for each month (excluding paid work placements) during which a student was in full-time or part-time registration
  • An amount for text books purchased for courses in which the student is registered.
Tax receipts will be available in late February for the preceding year. The forms will be mailed to you by St. Andrew's College.  Please keep your mailing and contact information current with the college.