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Programs To Fit Your Goals

The needs of every student are unique, and St. Andrew’s College provides flexible programs that keep the individual in mind. Our unique ordination-track degree program offers the opportunity to gain pastoral experience as a student minister, complete with salary, while working toward your degree. And many of our degree and diploma courses are available in alternative modes including online and distance education or as week-long intensive courses.       

The St. Andrew’s residency model for ordained ministry
St. Andrews - Residency Model for Ordained Ministry St. Andrew’s College is piloting a unique model of education toward ordination in The United Church of Canada. Through the four-year program students earn their Master of Divinity degree, complete their internship requirement and receive the testamur for ordination. 

Our ordination-track degrees require as little as two semesters on campus. Central to the model is an 18- to 20-month residency during which students serve as half- to three-quarter time student supply ministers, receiving salary and benefits. During the residency, students return to the college for five learning circles specifically designed to integrate the practical experience of ministry with their prior academic knowledge in the context of peer learning with student colleagues and faculty.

Residency locations are often tailored to meet a student’s learning goals and to accommodate family circumstance and individual needs. St. Andrew’s offers the opportunity to integrate the joys and challenges of pastoral ministry through reflection and study with teachers and peers, with earned income, while completing their ordination requirements.

Flexible degree and program options
St. Andrews - Master of Divinity Program The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree Residency Model is designed primarily for students who seek ordination in The United Church of Canada and the vocations of pastoral ministry or spiritual care. 

The Dual Degree Program of study and formation for ordained ministry that integrates undergraduate preparation, post-graduate study and experience in ministry. A three-year Bachelor of Theology (BTh) will integrate one year of study in the traditional theological disciplines from St. Andrew’s with two years of study in liberal arts. The Bachelor of Theology will provide graduating students with one year of equivalency in the St. Andrew’s Master of Divinity (MDiv) program.

The Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) provides a theological foundation for work in society or the church and can serve as a basis for further graduate study. A specialized M.T.S. in spiritual care is offered by St. Andrew’s in co-operation with the Saskatoon Institute of Pastoral Education.

The Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) is offered in a broad range of theological disciplines and a Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.) is offered to those seeking specialization in rural ministry and community development.

St. Andrew’s offers a Diploma of Theology for students without an undergraduate degree. The college also has courses for students in the Designated Lay Ministry program and a course of study for those seeking admission to The United Church of Canada from other denominations.

St. Andrew’s provides flexible opportunities for study including online distance education courses, on campus semester-long courses, week-long intensive courses and learning circles. Our goal is to craft a program that can be a part of your journey.