Technologies of Change

Technologies of potential change: Tracking the impact of Saskatchewan's Child Welfare Reform using theoretical and applied ethics

Researchers: Dr. Caroline Tait Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew Dr. Carrie Bourassa Dr. Patricia Rodney Dr. Victoria Smye Dr. Yvonne Boyer

This project examines the impact of child welfare policies and practices (CW) on the health and wellbeing of children and youth taken into care, and their families. We are also interested in determining the role that ethical guidelines could play in assisting CW to be more responsive and accountable to its clients, the front-line and community agencies that serve them

We propose to develop an interdisciplinary research program on factors and processes that promote ethical policies and practices in the CWS in Saskatchewan. A central focus will be the study of bureaucracies, systems and relations within the CWS that are responsible for policy and program reform.

By drawing upon theoretical and applied ethics we will document how certain CW policies and practices place the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children, youth and families at unacceptable levels of risk. By documenting current CW reform efforts we will draw attention to CW as a health determinant and the why the needs of vulnerable families and their children must be placed at the center of any reform process.