Dr. Julie Hailer, Post-Doctoral Candidate

Dr. Hailer was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the Native Studies Department for 2009-2010. Her research area focused on Indigenous gangs. Her dissertation is entitled "American Indian Youth Involvement in Urban Street Gangs: Invisible No More?" and completed the American Indian Studies Program at the University of Arizona.

While in Saskatoon, Dr. Hailer conducted research on Aboriginal females and gangs with a look towards conducting comparison research with American Indian females and gangs, and developing strategies that limit their involvement in gangs. Ensuring that Indigenous females’ needs are appropriately understood and addressed in gang prevention and intervention strategies, including that they intersect in meaningful ways with broader gang prevention strategies, will lead to a reduction in the multi-generational impacts of gang activity on Aboriginal families and communities.

Dr. Hailer enjoyed her time in Saskatoon and is grateful for the opportunity (through IPHRC) to expand her area of research on Indigenous gangs that incorporates a Canadian comparison.