Dr. Leo J. Omani, PhD.

Dr. Leo J. Omani, who speaks three languages, Dakota, Cree, and English, received his Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Saskatchewan convocation held on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010.

Leo earned his PhD degree in the area of Interdisciplinary Studies that encompassed five academic disciplines:

  1. History
  2. Education
  3. Languages & Linguistics
  4. Native Studies (as this pertains Aboriginal culture), and
  5. Law

Leo’s doctoral dissertation, which he successfully defended on March 31, 2010, is entitled: “Perspectives of Saskatchewan Dakota/Lakota Elders on the Treaty Process within Canada.” Further, his master’s thesis completed in 1992 is entitled: Developing A Process For Conducting Educational Research With The Dakota People of Wahpeton. Leo earned his PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as his Master’s of Education degree through the U of S.

Dr. Omani as of August 1st, 2010 gained a Post Doc Position with the Indigenous Peoples’ Health Research Centre which is affiliated with the U of S, U of R, and First Nations University of Canada.

As for Dr. Omani’s current IPHRC Post Doc research project: With the Wahpeton Dakota Nation Education Committee having agreed by formal motion on August 17th, 2010 to participate as a Community Partner, as well as having since provided a letter of confirmation pertaining to the motion that was approved. Leo is currently researching and developing in partnership with the Wahpeton Dakota Nation Education Committee, an “Exploratory Dakota Oyate Cultural Wellness Curriculum Guide: for the benefit of the youth of the Dakota Oyate enrolled in Jr. High & High School;” target date for completion, June 2011.

Further, Leo has previously served as Chief of Wahpeton Dakota Nation. He has also been employed as the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC), Assistant Director of Education, which serves 12 First Nations in North-Central Saskatchewan consisting of five Aboriginal groups, noted as follows:

  1. the Woodland Cree
  2. the Swampy Cree
  3. the Plains Cree
  4. the Dene, and
  5. the Dakota

Dr. Leo J. Omani can be contacted at:
Phone: (306) 953-3427 and/or (306) 922-2692
Email address: l.omani@sasktel.net