Research Projects

Dr. Caroline Tait is a primary investigator for, and the partner of many research projects. Some of her past projects include:

  • First Peoples First Person - national research and intervention network focused on improving the wellness and mental health of Indigenous peoples
  • FASD Project - “Tell Me About Your Life”: Life History Narrative Inquiry with a Male Forensic Patient Population with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Canadian-American Community Building Through Grassroots Entrepreneurship - Fulbright Study
  • Technologies of Change: tracking the impact of Saskatchewan's child welfare reform using theoretical and applied ethics
  • STR8 UP: Dr. Tait and her team support STR8 UP, 10000 Little Steps to Healing. STR8 UP assists young men and women to master their own destiny in liberating themselves from gangs and criminal street lifestyles.