RMHD Project

Reducing Mental Health Disparities Through Population Health Promotion: Translating knowledge into practice - practice into knowledge

Co-Investigators Dr. Caroline Tait, and Dr. Lewis Williams

This project aims to understand and address mental health disparities among vulnerable populations in our society. Specifically, we will address Indigenous and racialized immigrant women - women who are visible minorities and newcomers to Canada. Building on projects currently underway at the University of Saskatchewan's Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre, this program will create new knowledge in mental health promotion (MHP)  theory, policy and practice. We are bringing together a unique blend of research scientists, policy and decision makers, and community-based practitioners.

The five-year research plan of Drs. Tait and Williams includes:

  • theory building in the areas of mental health, population health promotion, and reduction of health disparities
  • Indigenous knowledge systems and methods of health promotion, and globalization and health