Roundtable 2009

National Roundtable: October 1-2, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon

Developing ethical principles for mental health and addiction programming for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

This project emerges from research, interaction and participation over the past decade with a range of stakeholders in Indigenous health (band chiefs, health directors, nurses, front-line workers, and consumers). We have been witness to positive changes in the delivery of Indigenous mental health and addictions programming stemming from improved relations between government health ministries and Indigenous stakeholders. But we also have been aware of levels of frustration, disappointment and at times mistrust, that also occurs between government ministries and different levels of Indigenous health care management.

For decades Indigenous stakeholders in health have drawn upon their cultural knowledge to advocate for the integration of culturally grounded approaches to health and healing. However, many feel their calls have been silenced by political agendas or entrenched bureaucratic structures.

The objective of the National Roundtable 2009 is to serve as an intense data collection exercise to better understand the characteristics that ethical principles and processes should embody.

A report from the National Roundtable 2009 is expected by the end of this year.

We would like to thank our funding contributors:

MHCC First Nations, Inuit and Aboriginal Health IPHRC College of Arts and Sciences