Exemplary Teaching: Inspiring Learner Engagement and Success

The University of Saskatchewan is pleased to partner with McGraw-Hill Ryerson to host the 28th McGraw-Hill Ryerson National Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference in Saskatoon November 2 and 3, 2006.  The purpose of the conference is to bring together faculty, students, and staff to discuss exemplary practices in creating engaged and vibrant teaching and learning environments as well as articulating ways to demonstrate teaching proficiency and student success.

The connection between innovative, exemplary practices in teaching and learning outcomes is an essential issue facing higher education in Canada.  As students enter universities with increasingly diverse learning backgrounds and expectations, creating vibrant and innovative teaching and learning environments are more urgent and necessary.  At the same time, multi-faceted demands on faculty require a skillful balance and efficient routes to high performance in both research and teaching.  Research on teaching suggests a strong relationship between the principles commonly associated with successful research and how the best teachers teach.  This conference will provide opportunities to share perspectives on exemplary practices in teaching and learning to enhance and shape our understanding of the university experience from student and faculty viewpoints.

Keynote presentations are available for viewing through The Division of Media and Technology (NSID password required). This will open a new window.