Toxicology (990 Series) Seminar

2017- 2018 Seminar Schedule

Toxicology Program (990 Series)

Seminars will be held at 12:30 p.m., Mondays,
Rm. 2104, WCVM, E-mail abstracts to
or call 966-7441 (Fiona Price) for further information

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11-Sep-17 Dr. Lynn Weber Graduate Chair NO SEMINAR - Toxicology Graduate Program Orientation LOCATION: Room 2105 - WCVM @ 12:30 PM
18-Sep-17 Kamran Shekh Toxicology Graduate Program Physiological Basis of Life-Stage & Species-Specific Differences in the Acute Sensitivity of Rainbow Trout & White Sturgeon to Waterborne Cadmium
25-Sep-17 Dr. Kerry McPhedran Dept. of Civil & Geological Engineering Assessment of Hazard Metrics for Predicting Field Benthic Invertebrate Toxicity in the Detroit River, Ontario, Canada
16-Oct-17 Dr. Corinna Kushuba Research Services & Ethics Office Navigating the Regulatory Aspects of Animal Use
23-Oct-17 Dr. John Elliot Environment Canada Rats, Rodenticides, Raptors & Regulations
30-Oct-17 Dr. Alison Holloway McMaster University Maternal Smoking & Risk of Metabolic Syndrome in the Offspring: Evidence from Animal Studies
6-Nov-17 Kobby Awuah Toxicology Graduate Program Effects of Metals in Soils Go Beyond Direct Toxicity to Microbes & Invertebrates
20-Nov-17 Dr. Shane Journey Harvard School of Public Health Nanotoxicology and the Future of Nanotechnology
27-Nov-17 Esteban Gillio Meina Toxicology Graduate Program Investigating the Effects of Water Chemistry on Vanadium Toxicity to Model Aquatic Organisms
4-Dec-17 Kayode Jegede Toxicology Graduate Program Is Habitat Quality a Better Predictor of Mite Survival & Reproduction than Metal Bioavailability in Different Contaminated Soils?
15-Jan-18 Taylor Lane Toxicology Graduate Program Developmental Effects of Maternally Transferred Selenium to Early Life Stage Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas)
22-Jan-18 Vanessa Cowan Toxicology Graduate Program Pharmacokinetics of Oral Ergot Alkaloids in & Bull Breeding Soundness in Beef Cattle
5-Feb-18 Erin Maloney Toxicology Graduate Program Neonicotinoid Insecticide Mixtures: Characterizing Cumulative Effects to Aquatic Insects
12-Feb-18 Amy Gainer Toxicology Graduate Program Development of Soil Ecological Contact Guideline for a Hydraulic Lubricating Oil
26-Feb-18 Melanie Gallant Toxicology Graduate Program Establishing an In Vitro Model System for Mechanistic Amphibian Immunotoxicity Research
5-Mar-18 James Alcaraz Toxicology Graduate Program Toxicogenomic Characterization of Toxicity Pathways of Selected Emerging Contaminants
12-Mar-18 Allyson Gerhart Toxicology Graduate Program The Role of Oxidative Stress in Early Life-stage Toxicity of L-Selenomethionine in Fathead Minnows
19-Mar-18 Ashley James Toxicology Graduate Program Role of LAT in Methylmercury Uptake & Transport in Larval Stage Zebrafish
26-Mar-18 Kate Prestie Toxicology Graduate Program A Critical Evaluation of Biological Assessment Methods for use in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada
2-Apr-18 Katherine Raes Toxicology Graduate Program The Trophic Transfer of Inorganic Selenium Through a Diet of Field-Collected Periphyton to Hyalella azteca