If you are a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Toxicology at the University of Saskatchewan we would love to hear from you!

Over the years we have lost touch with many of you and would certainly like to know what you are doing and where. Potential and current graduate students are also eager to see what their career prospects might be.

You paved the way for what has become the fastest growing toxicology graduate program in the country. We are hoping to post short pieces from former graduate students about what they are doing now or perhaps current topics of interest to toxicologists. If we have not listed information on your current status below, it means that we have not been able to reach you, or that we are just not sure that we can provide accurate information. If you do not want to be listed we certainly understand, but if you do, please e-mail us at  Also, if you know the whereabouts of a fellow former student, please encourage them to contact us or tell us where you think they are and we will try to find them.

Toxicology Graduate Alumni 1985 - 2000

Graduates of the toxicology program, their Email addresses and their last known current status, are listed in alphabetical order

(Ofukany) Wiebe, Amy; MSc, 2012awiebe@minnow.caAquatic Scientist, Minnow Environmental Inc., Saskatoon, SK
Al-Dissi, Ahmad; PhD, 2011 ahmad.aldissi@usask.caAssistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Pathology, U of S, Saskatoon, SK
Anaka, Alison; MSc, 2008-ENMAX, Calgary, AB
Anderson, Julie; MSc, 2011Julie.Anderson@stantec.comAquatic Scientist, Stantec, Winnipeg, MB
Beaulac (nee Juneau), Vanessa; MSc, 2007vanessa_beaulac@hc-sc.gc.caSenior Scientific Evaluator, Air Health Science Division, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON
Bechtel, Dan; MSc,1993; PhD, 2005info@prtox.caPrivate Consultant Owner, PRTox Consulting Inc., Saskatoon, SK
Beitel, Shawn; MSc, Research Specialist, University of Arizona, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Arizona USA
Bennett, Pamela; MSc, 2006bennett.environmental@gmail.comOwner and Principal Consultant at Bennett Environmental Consulting, Saskatoon, SK
Benson, (nee Stoughton), Sarah, MSc, (2006)sarah.stoughton@areva.caEcologist/Environmental Scientist, AREVA Resources Canada Inc., Saskatoon, SK
Billinsky, Jennifer; PhD, 2009 jennifer.billinsky@usask.caPostdoctoral Fellow, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, U of S, Saskatoon, SK
Blechinger, Scott; MSc, 2002scott_blechinger@hc-sc.gc.caScientific Evaluator, Existing Substances Division, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON
Boyd, Erin; MSc, 2007e.boyd@alum.utoronto.caFamily & Emergency Medicine Physician, Ottawa Area, ON
Bugiak, Brandie; MSc, 2009 bbugiak@ualberta.caLab Technician, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, AB
Burnett-Seidel, Charlene; MSc, 2011charlene_burnett-seidel@cameco.comEnvironmental Scientist, Cameco, Saskatoon, SK
Carlson, Ruth; PhD, 2010ruth.carlson@usask.caInstructor, Georgia Gwinnett College, Atlanta, GA
Carmalt (nee Rosel), Kathryn; MSc, 2005kar669@mail.usask.caDVM student, WCVM
Chandraratne, Saminda; PGD, 2004-Unkown
Chung, Angela; MSc, 2006angela.chung@rcmp-grc.gc.caRCMP Forensic Laboratory, Winnipeg, MB
Copley, Heather; MSc, 2003-Unknown
Crawford, Sarah; PhD, 2016sarah.crawford@outlook.comPostdoctoral Fellow, Ecosystem Analysis, Institute of Environmental Research (Biology V), RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Crellin, Natasha; MSc, 2000-Last Known: Senior Scientist, Pfizer, San Francisco, CA
Cutter, Jessica; MSc, 2013jessica.cutter@pinter.caProject Scientist, Pinter & Associates Ltd., Saskatoon, SK
D'Silva, Lawrence; MSc, 2017lawrence.p.dsilva@gmail.comEnvironmental Scientist, Equilibrium Environmental Inc., Calgary, AB
de Rosemand, Simone; MSc, 2002sjc434@mail.usask.caSelf-employed, Saskatoon, SK
Doering, Jonathon; PhD, 2016jad929@mail.usask.caPostdoctoral Fellow, U.S. EPA, Duluth, MN
Doetzel, Lyndsay; MSc, 2007ldoetzel@edynamics.comAquatic Scientist, EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., Whitehorse, YT
Doig, Lorne; PhD, 2004lorne.doig@usask.caResearch Scientist, Toxicology Centre, University of Saskatchewan
Driedger, Kimberlea; MSc, 2009kimberlea.driedger@golder.comAquatic Biologist, Golder Associates, Saskatoon, SK
Driessnack, Melissa; PhD, 2017, MSc, 2011melissa.driessnack@usask.caUnknowen
Fahlman, Brian; MSc, 2003-Last Known: Analytical Chemist - Trace Organics, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Vegreville, AB
Flahr, Leanne; MSc, 2014leanne.flahr@usask.caUnknowen
Franz, Eric; MSc, 2012eric.franz@cannorth.comAquatic Ecologist, Canada North Enivironmental Services, Saskatoon, SK
Froese, Jennifer; MSc, 2002jennifer.froese@ec.gc.caContaminated Sites Officer, Environment Canada, Edmonton, AB
Gentner, Nicole; MSc, 2010info@bayercropscience.caCompliance & Audit Specialist, Bayer CropScience, Saskatoon, SK
George, Tara; MSc, Water Specialist, Ministry of Environment, Thunder Bay, ON
Gerger, Courtney; MSc, 2014cjg302@usask.caResearch Technician, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Saskatoon, SK
Goertzen, Meghan; MSc, 2011meghan.goertzen@lorax.caEnvironmental Toxicologist, Lorax Environmental Services Ltd, Vancouver, BC
Goff, Kira; MSc, 2012kira.goff@usask.caPhD Candidate - Biology, University of Saskatchewan
Green, Derek; MSc, Candidate, Univerisity of Saskatchewan
Gunness, Patrina; MSc, 2007-Unkown
Gupti, Niti; MSc, Gold Mining, Wolfville, NS
Harvey-Schafer, Alexis; PhD, 2011-Last Known: Environmental Consultant, Saskatoon, SK
He, Yuhe; PhD, 2012yuhehenr@ualberta.caPostdoctoral Research Fellows, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Heffernan, James; PhD, 2012-Unknown
Heggstrom, Michelle; MSc, 2009michelle.heggstrom@usask.caWSEP - Bio Safety Division, U of S, Saskatoon, SK
Hersikorn, Blair; MSc, 2009blair_hersikorn@golder.comEnvironmental Scientist, Golder, Saskatoon, SK
Higley, Eric; MSc, 2009-Unknown
Himbeault, Kevin; MSc, 2004-Last Known: Cameco Corporation, Saskatoon, SK
House, Nicole; PhD, 2016jnh742@mail.usask.caMedical Student, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Hruska, Kimberly; MSc, 2004khruska@langara.bc.caInstructor, Department of Biology, Langara College, Vancouver, BC
Hughes (nee Armstrong), Sarah; MSc,, Shell Health - Americas, Houston, TX
Hurskey, Olesya; MSc, 2012ohurskey@gmail.comSaskatchewan Research Council, Saskatoon, SK
Irvine, Michelle; MSc, 2004mechelle@irvinefamily.caOn Leave
James, Ashley; MSc, 2012ashley.james@usask.caPhD Candidate - Toxicology, University of Saskatchewan
James, Kyle; MSc, 2012kyle.james@usask.caPhD candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
Johnson, Victor; MSc-Last Known: Bruleson Research Technologies, Morrisville, NC
Journey, Shane; PhD, 2007sjourneay@nanotoxicologyinc.comChief Executive Officer & President, Nanotechnology Toxicology Consulting & Training, Toronto, ON
Kallas-Koeman, Melissa; MSc, 2004melissa.kallas@med.ucalgary.caResident, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Kautzman, Michael; MSc, 2015michael.kautzman@usask.caResearch Assistant, NSERC IRC Poultry Nutrition Lab, Animal and Poultry Science, U of S, Saskatoon, SK
Labarrere, Carla; MSc, 2016crl137@mail.usask.caUnknown
Laird, Brian; PhD, 2010brian.laird@uwaterloo.caAssistant Professor, School of Public Health & Health Systems, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Lim, Heng-Keang; MSc, 1985-Last Known: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Raritan, NJ
Lin, Leo; MSc, 2007-Last Known: ApoPharma, Toronto, ON
Lucas, Brett; MSc, 2014brett.lucas@usask.caEnvironmental Scientist, Nautilus Environmental, Burnaby, BC
Masse, Anita; MSc, 2016ajm757@mail.usask.caResearch Technician, Toxicology Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Matwee, Larissa; MSc, 2016lkm370@mail.usask.caUnknown
Matz, Carlyn; PhD, 2008-Last Known: Health Canada, Ottawa, ON
May, Victoria; MSc-Last Known: Research Technician, Diagnostic Lab, PDS, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
McDonald, Tracy; PhD, 2015macdonaldt@ae.caEnvironmental Scientist, Associated Environmental Consultants Inc., Saskatoon, SK
McEwen, Barbara; MSc, 2009-Last Known: Contaminated Sites Officer, Environment Canada, Winnipeg, MB
McGuigan, Claire; MSc, 2007mcguigan@ualberta.caPhD candidate at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
McGurn, Leah; MSc, 2016ldm133@mail.usask.caUnknowen
McPhee, Landon; MSc, 2014ldm514@mail.usask.caResearch Technician, Department of Animal & Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
Muldoon, Breda; MSc, 2015breda_muldoon@golder.comJunior Toxicologist at the Golder Associates Ltd., Edmonton, AB
Muscatello, Jorgelina; MSc, 2004jmuscatello@stantec.comAquatic Discipline Lead, Santec Consulting, Vancouver, BC
Nail, Jonathon; PhD, 2011 jonathan.naile@shell.comEcotoxicologist, Risk Science Team, Shell Health - Americas, Houston, TX
Olsgard-Dumanski, Mandy; MSc, 2007mandy.dumanski@aer.caRisk Assessment Specialist, Remediation and Contaminated Sites Closure and Liability Branch (Mining), Alberta Energy Regulator, Edmonton, AB
Painter, Kristin; MSc, 2014kristin.painter@usask.caUnknown
Palasz, Filip; MSc, 2004Filip.Palasz@aer.caDirector, Alberta Government Relations, Stakeholder and Government Relations Division, Edmonton, AB
Peters, Rachel; PhD, 2016rachel.peters@usask.caUnknowen
Phaneuf, Marcelle; MSc, 2004marcelle.phaneuf@iaea.orgEnvironmental Assessment Analyst, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria
Phibbs, Jamie; MSc, 2011james.phibbs@aecom.comEnvironmental Scientist, AECOM, Winnipeg, MB
Pollock, Brady; MSc, 2007-Unknown
Princz, Juliska; PhD, 2014juliska.princz@ec.gc.caManager-Soil Toxicology Laboratory, Environment Canada, Ottawa, ON
Puttaswamy, Naveen; PhD, Scientist, Department of Env. Health and Engineering, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai
Rickwood, Carrie; PhD, 2006Carrie.Rickwood@NRCanRNCan.gc.caScientist, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON
Robertson, Erin; MSc, 2006erin_robertson@cameco.comEnvironmental Specialist, K + S , Potash, Saskatoon, SK
Rogers, Vince; MSc, 1998; PhD, 2003 of Operations, Alberta Diabetes Institute, Edmonton, AB
Rozon-Ramilo, Lisa; MSc, 2011-Last Known: Environmental Consultant, Stantec, Guelph, ON
Saibu, Yusuf; MSc, 2017yos993@mail.usask.caResearch Technician, Toxicology Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK
Salisbury, Heather; MSc, 2006heather.salisbury@usask.caAdministrator, Student Disability Centre, U of S, SK
Saunders, David; PhD, 2017davidmvsaunders@gmail.comUnknowen
Schiffer, Stephanie; MSc, 2016stephanie.schiffer@usask.caResearch Technician, Toxicology Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Schneider, Scott; MSc, 2003-Last Known: Postdoctoral Scientist, Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Hackensack, NJ
Serben, Kerrie; MSc, 2002kserben@vizonscitec.comEnvironmental Scientist, Golder Associates, Ltd. Saskatoon, SK
Shitut, Mithila; MSc, 2012mithila.shitut@usask.caAdministration, University of Saskatchewan
Siggers (nee Cleave), Jayda; MSc, 2004jaydasiggers@gmail.comOwner, Eat WHOLE BeVITAL, Nutrition, Ottawa, ON
Smida, Andrea; MSc, 2004andrea.smida@usask.caBiosafety Manager, U of S, Saskatoon, SK
Sokoro, AbdulRazaq; PhD, 2007asokoro@exchange.hsc.mb.caClinical Biochemist, Diagnostic Services, Winnipeg, MB
Spencer, Paula; MSc, 2008-Unknown
Squires, Allison; MSc & PhD, MSc, 2005/ PhD, 2011allison.squires@usask.caOwner of Upland Organics, Wood Mountain, SK
Stoddart, Reagen; MSc, 2007rstoddart@irc.inuvialuit.comEnvironmental Specialist, Shell Canada, Calgary, AB
Stoughton, Sarah; MSc, 2006-Last Known: Ecologist/Environmental Scientist, AREVA Resources Canada Inc., Saskatoon, SK
Thomas, Jith; PhD, 2014jik822@mail.usask.caUnknown
Tompsett, Amber; PhD, 2012amber.tompsett-higley@monsanto.comEcotoxicologist, Monsanto, St. Louis, MO
Toor, Navdeep; PhD, 2011nst@summit-environmental.comRegional Manager, Environmental Scientist, Summit Environmental Consultants, Saskatoon, SK
Tse, Tim; PhD, 2017tim.tse@usask.caUnknowen
Vardy, David; MSc, 2011dwvardy@gmail.comScientific Evaluator with PMRA, Health Canada, Ottawa
Weese Maley, Sharleen; PGD, 2002sharleen.maley@usask.caClinical Research Associate, Saskatchwan Drug Research Institute, Saskatoon, SK
White, Kevin; MSc, 2017white.kb0@gmail.comUnknown
Wildemann, Tanya; PhD, 2015tmw480@mail.usask.caAssistant Manager, Scientific Consulting Company (SCC) Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Willey, Jeff; MSc, 2000jeff_willey@hc-sc.gc.caBiologist, Air Quality Assessment Section, Air Health Effects Division, Safe Environments Programme, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON
Yang, Yinfei; MSc, 2009-Technical Officer Quantum Genetix, Saskatoon, SK
Zhang, Wei; MSc, 2003-Unknown