AREVA Distinguished Lecturer Series

The AREVA Distinguished Lecturer Series would like to thank, Dr. Don Mackay, Professor Emeritus Trent University and University of Toronto

 for speaking on Tuesday, March 28, 12:30 pm, room 2104, WCVM 

3-Oct-08 Dr. Doris W.T. Au, Ph.D. Dept. Biology & Chemistry Centre for Coastal Pollution and Conservation City University of Hong Kong A new marine fish model for assessing stress and pollution
5-Oct-09 Prof. Roman P. Lanno Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology Ohio State University Chemical bioavailability in terrestrial systems: Issues and solutions
17-Oct-11 Prof. Glenn Suter U.S. EPA, National Centre for Environmental Assessment, Cincinnati OH From Toxicology to Risk Assessment: How to make a difference
12-Oct-12 Dr. Chris M. Wood Professor of Biology Hamilton Ontario Ammonia – the fish’s friend or foe?
20-Oct-14 Dr. Gerald (Gary) Ankley Ajunct Professor, University of Mannesota Adverse Outcome Pathways: Enhancing the Role of Predictive Toxicology in Chemical Risk Assessment
23-Feb-15 Dr. Derek Muir Senior Research Scientist Trends of New and Legacy Contaminants in a Changing Arctic
22-Apr-16 Dr. Marc Greenberg Deputy Branch Chief Risk Assessment in Environmental Response: From Emergencies to Long-Term Remediation of Contaminated Sites
28-Mar-17 Dr. Don Mackay Professor Emeritus Trent University and University of Toronto “The Joy of Fugacity and Activity: Quantifying Pathways to Exposure from Toxic Chemicals.”

Key Note Speakers

Dr. Dennis Lemly Research Fish Biologist, Wake Forest University, North Carolina The Myth of Clean Coal: A Fish & Wildlife Perspective
Dr. Jian Yang Director, Key Laboratory of Ecological Environment, Nanjing Agriculture University, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China Standardized Freshwater Mussel Watch for monitoring of aquatic environments: implications and possibilities
Dr. Allen Burton Professor, School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan Are Contaminated Sediments an Important Ecosystem Stressor
Dr. Anne Fairbrother 50 Years after Silent Spring: Have Organophophate and Carbamate Pesticides Met the Challenge
Dr. Hans Peterson Safe Drinking Water Foundation The Demise of Chemistry and the Emergence of Biology in Drinking Water Treatment
Dr. Chris Wood Department of Biology, McMaster University Safe Drinking Water Foundation
Dr. David Shindler Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta The Oil Sands: Economic Saviour or Enivornmental Disaster?