Toxicology (990 Series) Seminar

2012-2013 Seminar Schedule 

Toxicology Program (990 Series)

17-Sep-12 Dr. Paul Jones Associate Professor, Toxicology Centre Health Status of Fish Populations in the Slave and Athabasca rivers 2011-2012
24-Sep-12 Dr. Lorne Doig Research Scientist, Toxicology Centre Paleoecotoxicology: Addressing data and knowledge gaps associated with legacy and long-term metal mining activities
15-Oct-12 Henry He Toxicology Graduate Program The Endocrine Disruption and Embryo Toxicity of Untreated and Ozone-treated Oil Sands Process-Affected Water
22-Oct-12 Dr. Alexander Bond Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Biology Dept. Metals, Marine Birds and Microplastics: Seabird Studies in the World's Oceans
29-Oct-12 Dr. William Duncan Golder Associates Grappling with Large River ERA: Interpreting Data into Decision-making About Risk
5-Nov-12 David Saunders Graduate Student Program A Bioassay Directed Fractionation Approach to Discover Novel Bioactive Organobromines from Marine Sponges and Algae
19-Nov-12 Dr. Hans Peterson Safe Drinking Water Foundation The Demise of Chemistry and the Emergence of Biology in Drinking Water Treatment
26-Nov-12 Landon McPhee Toxicology Graduate Program Effects of Dietary Selenium Exposure on Swimming Performance and Energy Homeostasis in Juvenile Fathead Minnow
3-Dec-12 David Vardy Toxicology Graduate Program Assessment of Columbia River sediment toxicity to early life stages of white sturgeon
14-Jan-13 Brett Lucas Toxicology Graduate Program Reconstructing the Past Nutrient Status of a Great Plains Reservoir Using Depositional Sediments and Paleolimnological Techniques
21-Jan-13 Jith Thomas Toxicology Graduate Program Consequences of Dietary and In Ovo Selenium Exposure to Zebrafish
28-Jan-13 Dr. Christy Morrissey Associate Professor, Toxicology Centre Avian Indicators of Pollution Problems in Agricultural and Urban Environments
4-Feb-13 Leanne Flahr Toxicology Graduate Program The Physiological and Functional Effects of Aroclor 1254 on Avian Cognition and Migratory Behaviour
11-Feb-13 Tracy MacDonald Toxicology Graduate Program Using the Synchrotron to Understand Inorganic Mercury Accumulation in the Developing Embryo
25-Feb-13 Dr. Patricia Blakley Saskatoon Health Region Fetal AlcoholSpectrum Disorder: A Role For Multifactorial Inheritance
4-Mar-13 Shawn Beitel Toxicology Graduate Program Assessment of theSensitivity of Three North American Fish Species to Disruptors of Steroidogenesis
11-Mar-13 Tanja Wildemann Toxicology Graduate Program Cardiovascular Effects of Lead in Rats
18-Mar-13 Dr. Som Niyogi Associate Professor, Toxicology Centre Biotic Ligand Model—Single Metal to Multi Metal: Back to Basics
25-Mar-13 Courtney Gerger Toxicology Graduate Program The effect of exposure route on swim performance, cardiorespiratory function, and metabolism following acute exposure to benzo[a]pyrene in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)
1-Apr-13 Dr. Natacha Hogan Associate Professor, Toxicology Centre Evaluating Contaminant- Induced Immunotoxicity in Aquatic Organisms
8-Apr-13 Dr. Tom Scott Department of Animal & Poultry Science How the Feed Industry Deals (or Does Not Deal) with Mycotoxins