Congratulations! Robyn Akre

Congratulations! Robyn Akre, an Undergraduate Toxicology Student, has been accepted for the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium (7-11 May, 2017).

robyn akre

Robyn, will be presenting a platform session on the following:

Presentation title: Does the fate, persistence and toxicity of a semi volatile hydraulic lubricating oil vary across Canadian soil types?

Soil invertebrates play a crucial role in nutrient cycling and soil fertility. They are often used in toxicity testing to create guidelines on soil contamination. My undergraduate honours research project is on the avoidance behaviour of juvenile soil invertebrates when they are presented with the option between clean soil and contaminated soil. This is important as juveniles may be more sensitive to contaminants than adults, but may not be able to detect contaminants in the soil or move away from contaminated areas.

This is the first time an undergraduate student, in Toxicology, has had this kind of opportunity.  The Toxicology Centre would like to wish Robyn the best of luck!