Excellence in Community Service - Sarah Crawford

Congratulations to Sarah Crawford, PhD student in Toxicology, for receiving the Excellence in Community Service Award. This award honors a graduate student that has made significant impacts and positively contributes to the local community of Saskatoon.

Sarah Crawford is a PhD student in the Toxicology Graduate Program.  Sarah is also always willing to go beyond the hard work and long hours related to her thesis research and do other things that benefit the graduate program, the university community in Saskatoon, and in her case community service at the national and international levels.  Sarah initiated a local chapter of the global Café Scientifique, called "Tox on Tap".  She has been closely involved in the recently established Prairie Northern Regional chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), a global non-profit society.  Meanwhile, Sarah has been an extremely active participant in the Toxicology Graduate Student Association.