Karsten Liber receives 2018 award for Outstanding Contributions to Canadian Ecotoxicology

Professor Karsten Liber, Director of the Toxicology Centre and Distinguished Professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability, received a 2018 award for Outstanding Contributions to Canadian Ecotoxicology at the October annual meeting of the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (CEW) in Vancouver, BC.

Established in 2017, the CEW Award for Outstanding Contribution to Canadian Ecotoxicology recognizes individuals who have made a significant and measurable contribution to the field of ecotoxicological science in Canada.

Professor Liber was nominated for the award based on his success in building the largest academic ecotoxicology program in Canada, as well as for his research and mentorship contributions.  The U of S Toxicology Program is widely recognized as the top program of its kind in Canada and among one of the top interdisciplinary toxicology programs in the world.  As mentioned in his nomination and support letters, the Canadian ecotoxicology landscape has been transformed as a result of the program Prof. Liber has built at the U of S.  Through this program, more than a dozen faculty members and hundreds of graduate students and young professionals have contributed, and will continue to contribute, to the field of ecotoxicology, elevating the profile of ecotoxicology in Canada and globally. 

Professor Liber’s CEW-related mentorship contributions include: two of his graduate students have won best Canadian M.Sc. thesis in ecotoxicology, several of his graduate students have won best presentations awards at annual CEW meetings, as well as at other conferences, and three of his students have served as elected student representatives on the CEW board of directors.  In addition, Prof. Liber has organized two annual CEW meetings in Saskatoon and served on the CEW Board of directors twice.  He currently serves as chair of the CEW Advisory Committee, a committee that provides advise and assistance to the CEW Board.