Chaturbhuj SISODIA Obituary

It is with great sadness that I bring you the news that Dr. Chaturbhuj S. Sisodia passed away on Saturday, March 22nd in the Palliative Care Unit of St. Paul's hospital. For those of you who did not have the pleasure of knowing him, the following is a brief description of who he was and some of the legacy he leaves behind. Dr. Sisodia was a founding member of the Toxicology Group at the University of Saskatchewan. Twenty-five years ago, he was instrumental in the establishment of the interdisciplinary Toxicology Graduate Program. For many years, Dr. Sisodia provided instruction to the graduate students in several core courses. At the inception of the program, he served as the Academic Coordinator for many years. It was evident to all students and faculty members associated with the program that Dr. Sisodia had a great passion for students and for teaching. Without his dedication and commitment, it is doubtful whether the program would be in existence today. The concept of a world class undergraduate program in toxicology was also his dream—one that became reality. The impact Dr. Sisodia made in the lives of the students he taught, the faculty he collaborated with, the staff he worked alongside of, and the family he shared his life with, is comparable to no other.

You will find his obiturary in the Star Phoenix with details of the funeral with the following link:

Many of us will miss him for years to come.

Adriana Brown
Manager of Finance & Operations
Toxicology Centre