Toxicology Students Significant Achievement at SETAC Vancouver, BC

Two master’s level graduate students in the UofS Toxicology Graduate Program received first place awards for their poster and platform presentations.

Many faculty, staff and students recently returned from the North American Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) conference in Vancouver BC. This international conference plays host to academia, industry and government scientists and regulators from around the world - almost 2500 delegates from 40 countries.

Anita Massé (supervisor Dr. David Janz), was awarded 1st place for her platform presentation.

“Establishing Dose-dependent Developmental Effects of Maternal Dietary Selenium in the model Amphibian Species Xenopus laevis

anita masse

Anita Massé 

Breda Muldoon (supervisor Dr. Natacha Hogan), was awarded 1st place for her poster presentation.

"Developing the brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans) as a bioindicator of exposure to estrogenic and androgenic compounds in aquatic environments"

breda muldoon

 Breda Muldoon

Congratulations to both Anita Massé and Breda Muldoon for receiving these awards.