Rosenberg, Alan

Professor - Pediatric Rheumatologist

Alan Rosenberg

Royal University Hospital
HSc 1348 E., 103 Hospital Drive
Saskatoon, SK Canada
S7N 0W8

Phone: 306-844-1067



Research Areas

  • Pediatric arthritis and rheumatic-related diseases

Current Research Studies

  • Biologically-based outcome predictors in juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Discoverying the earliest origins of health and disease
  • Intrauterine inflammation as a precursor for future disease
  • The role of vitamin D in inflammatory-mediated diseases of childhood
  • A comprehensive longitudinal epidemiologic study of childhood rheumatic diseases in Saskatchewan
  • Antinuclear autoantibodies in juvenile arthritis
  • Immunopathogenesis of uveitis
  • Collagen immunity in the childhood rheumatic diseases
  • Induction of autoantibodies by environmental toxins
  • Therapy of localized scleroderma

Selected Publications

  1. McNally JD, Matheson LM, Rosenberg AM:  Epidemiologic considerations in unexplained pediatric arthralgia: The role of season, school, and stress. J Rheumatol (accepted)
  2. Matheson LA, Duong TT, Rosenberg AM, Rae SM Yeung. Assessment of sample collection and storage methods for multicenter immunologic research in children. J Immunol Meth (In Press)
  3. McNally JD, Matheson LM, Rosenberg AM:  Capillary blood sampling as an alternative to
  4. venipuncture in the assessment of serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D levels. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biology (In Press)
  5. Rajakumar D, Rosenberg AM: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Monoarthritis in a Child. Journal of Pediatric Rheumatology (In press)
  6. Shapiro C, Maenz L, Hossain Md, Pahwa P, Rosenberg AM:  Onset to First Visit Intervals in Childhood Rheumatic Diseases.  2007.  J Rheumatol  34:1913-1917
  7. Compeyrot-Lacassagne S, Rosenberg AM, Babyn P, Laxer RM:  Pamidronate in the treatment of chronic non infectious inflammatory lesions of the mandible in children. 2007.  J Rheumatol 34:1585-9
  8. Semchuk KM, Rosenberg AM, Mcduffie, HH, Cessna AJ, Pahwa P, Irvine DG: Antinuclear antibodies and bromoxynil exposure in a rural sample.  2007.  Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 70:638-57
  9. Rosenberg, AM:  Longitudinal analysis of a childhood rheumatic disease clinic population.  2005.  J Rheumatol 32:1192-2001
  10. Badea I, Verrall R, Baca-Estrada M, Tikoo S, Rosenberg A, Kumar P, Foldvari M:  In vivo cutaneous interferon-gamma gene delivery using novel dicationic (Gemini) surfactant-pasmid complexes.  J Gene Med 2005 7:1200-1214
  11. Oen K, Mallesion PN, Cabral DA, Rosenberg AM, Petty RE, Nickerson P, Reed M:  Cytokine genotypes correlate with pain and radiologically define joint damage in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  2005.  Rheumatology 44:1115-1121
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