Blakley, Barry


Barry Blakley

Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
University of Saskatchewan, 52 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5B4

Phone: (306) 966-7350


Academic Degrees

  • B.Sc., D.V.M., M.Sc. (Sask.), Ph.D. (Cincinnati)

Current Teaching

  • TOX 461.3 Applied Toxicology
  • TOX 412.3 Toxicology of Industrial Pollutants
  • TOX 860.3  Applied Toxicology
  • VBMS 833.3  Subclinical Toxicology

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Effects of pesticide exposure during gestation on immune function.
  • Cholinesterase inhibition in birds following exposure to anticholinesterase agents.
  • Immunotoxicology related to metal exposure.
  • Diagnostic veterinary toxicology.
  • Nutritional toxicology related to Fusarium and ergot mycotoxins.


Burgess, BA., Lohmann, K.L., Blakley, B. R., 2010.  Excessive Sulfate and Poor Water Quaility as a cause of sudden deaths and an Outbreak of diarrhea in horses.  Can. Vet. J. 51: 277-282

Blakley, B. R., 2009.  The association of bait formulation of strychnine with poisonings in non-target species in Saskatchewan from 1975-2007. Can. Vet. J. 50: 1186-1188

Blakley, B.R., L.M. Fraser, and C. Waldner. 2007. Chlorate poisoning in beef cattle. Can. Vet. J. 48: 1071-1073.

Yole, M., M. Wickstrom, and B. Blakley. 2007 Cell death and cytotoxic effects in YAC-1 lymphoma cells following exposure to various forms of mercury. Toxicology, 231: 40-57.

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