Hogan, Natacha

Assistant Professor

Natacha Hogan

Department of Animal and Poultry Science
6D32 - 51 Campus Drive
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5A8

Phone: (306) 966-6862

Email: natacha.hogan@usask.ca

Academic Degrees

  • B.Sc. (University of Prince Edward Island), Ph.D. (University of Ottawa)

Current Teaching

  • Toxicology 402 - Systemic Toxicology

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Hormone interactions that influence development and reproduction in fish and amphibians
  • Contaminant effects on steroidogenic signalling in the gonad
  • Mechanisms of contaminant-induced immune suppression in fish
  • Factors that influence disease emergence in amphibians


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