Whiting, Susan

Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Susan Whiting

E3212 Health Sciences
104 Clinic Place
116 Thorvaldson Building
Saskatoon, SK Canada S7N 2Z4

Phone: 306-966-5837

Email: susan.whiting@usask.ca

Website: http://www.usask.ca/pharmacy-nutrition/index.php


Dr. Whiting, a member of Faculty since 1988, completed postdoctoral training (Medicine - Renal Physiology) at the University of British Columbia and previously taught at MountSaint Vincent University in Halifax . She is a member of Dietitians of Canada, the Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences, the American Society for Nutrition and the American Public Health Association. She is a consultant to the Scientific Advisory Board for Osteoporosis Canada and is on the Steering Committee of Canada's Community Health Measures Survey. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Child Hunger and Education Program in Saskatoon .

For over 30 years she has conducted research on diet influences on bone health, specifically effects of protein, soft drinks, and calcium on children’s bone growth. She has also investigated the effectiveness and use of nutrient supplements, acid-base effects on bone, and, in the past decade, the vitamin D status of Canadians. She has taught for over 25 years in nutrition programs and has supervised over 20 graduate students in Masters and PhD programs, and was given the University of Saskatchewan ’s Distinguished Supervisor award in 2009.

Internationally she has undertaken many activities related to the DRIs, and sits on the International Institute for Bone Health and Nutrition. Locally, she is on the Boards of CHEP Good Food and Station 20 West, both being community-based organizations devoted to solving food insecurity.

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate courses Advanced Nutrition: Micronutrients and Nutritional Assessment (co-teaches); team teaches the graduate course Advances in Human Nutrition Research.

Research Interests

Dietary assessment and nutritional epidemiology; dietary effects on calcium metabolism; nutrition and osteoporosis; access to healthy food; dietary need in long-term care; bioavailability and safety of nutritional supplements. Current research is supported by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation.


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